Carrera Sunglasses: Lady Gaga Vs. Christina Aguilera

Do not you too that lately Christina Aguilera is taking more and more Lady Gaga as a model for his change of look? I had already noticed these dangerous similarities in look already last year, when both, in the video “Keeps Getting Better” and “Poker Face” had pretty much the same hairstyle and the same clothes. And now Christina, for the video for “Not Myself Tonight” choose glasses Carrera, already worn by Lady Gaga in “Bad Romance.” That Aguilera has exhausted his creativity?

Christina Aguilera has always had my admiration for the beautiful voice that Mother Nature has kindly given her, but I never particularly liked its choices look. If we exclude the period when he tried to be inspired by the look of Marilyn Monroe, I think he never liked his choices in clothes and accessories. At least, though, it could not fail to appreciate the fact that she herself was to create a look staff. Lately however it seems more and more a clone of Lady Gaga.

Lately it seems Aguilera “plagiarized” the quirky style and for that single Lady Gaga, in the choice of clothes, but especially in hairstyles. And now, Christina copy shamelessly the queen of the dance: the last video “Not tonight myelf “Aguilera wears Carrera sunglasses, pretty much the same pattern that Lady Gaga had already chosen for the video for” Bad Romance. ” That Aguilera, who has since seen blowing the title of heir to Madonna by Gaga, do not know which way to turn when it comes to looks?