Cardigan with Pearls

Whenever I post one of my cardigans on the blog or on Instagram many readers love, so I decided to make a post to show 4. Actually it’s kind of crazy because I get emails from people wanting to buy my Cardigan, case I Marie! huaehiuaheaiuhe

At the beginning of last year the dark blue was part of the collection of Farm (also had light pink and white). In the current collection to Farm relaunched with Golden and silver pearls and I bought the cream (but also has purple and pink). They are in stores for R$369 and restocked the online inventorynow, especially for you! KKK

My Red was a gift from mark Cherry, the girls also sell in black, cream, grey, by internet R$199 (orders for And my Black was customized with a Cardigan of Renner perolinhas graphite + by Hellô photos. I imagine that goes from 50 to 100 perolinhas in 2 sizes and that’s between $20 and $30 (off the price of the jacket)!

For those who have a predisposition to tasks requiring craftsmanship overcompensate make your. In addition to leave super account, you still have a world of possibilities in the choice of the Cardigan (Zara always TO-tones!) and the colors of the perolinhas. The secret is to concentrate a lot of pearls in the shoulder and down spreading through the region of the chest and in the back 1/3 (in my instagram has photo of the back).

You can tell that the Cardigan blue and cream of the Farm has different proposals according to HOMETHODOLOGY.COM. While the blue one has SOOOOO MANY pearls concentrated, the cream has less pearls but they get a little “muvucadas”. kkkk Both effects are beautiful!

PS: If you have customized a and photo posted on Instagram, put the hashtag #justlia we publish in Urges of the blog!