CARDIGAN Male; Jeans to Wear, with Pants Or Shorts

With the arrival of winter everything is worth to stay in fashion and still well protected from the low temperatures, after all the friak displeases to many, but if you are a man of style, you will also like to see how to use a men’s cardigan be it open or closed.

The men’s cardigan wears well in both jeans and shorts, trousers, with a tie, or dresses well and makes you very presentable both to go to work and to go out with friends, with the girlfriend, he can still give a cool style in longer lengths, let’s see below at least 25 ways to wear the cardigan and ward off the cold…

Why invest in a CARDIGAN Male:

  • Because it is versatile
  • Because it is modern and stylish
  • Because it is practical and functional

We begin with an elongated cardigan that may be in the preference of most men, precisely because it is black , a discreet color and that basically matches everything that has in the wardrobe of modern man.

You can create super stylish compositions, betting on key pieces that give that up in the visual, something that every modern man likes and a lot, does not it?Look how beautiful this cardigan with lapel pockets!!!

If you want a very youthful look and at the same time very cool , know that the cardigan can enter these looks without fear of making mistakes. See that the piece of bright white combined very well with the yellow pants + white T-shirt.

It’s amazing, but the cardigan is a timeless piece that fits perfectly to every season, so today you can find the hottest pieces up to those in mesh that are fresh and super to match with summer looks.

As I said, quite versatile, cardigans wear modern boys who like to enhance the look in a different and elegant way. More and more men are surrendering to the charms of cardigans.

Providing a bold and at the same time classic look , the men’s cardigan can enter into distinctive compositions that cater to the different tastes and styles of the current man.

Today, this piece is in the universe of men’s fashion as a piece that stands out , but it is deceived who thinks it is a recent piece, because already in the nineteenth century was successful when James T. Brudenell used it for the first time.

Today, this piece dresses the ‘Greeks and Trojans’, pleasing the different styles and tastes , wearing for the day to day, but also for that work meeting, that walk, for work, anyway … for almost everything!!!

If you are enjoying your holidays and you want a well laid-back, trendy, light and sexy look, how about a look like this one below? Bermuda + social shirt striped in neutral tones + military green cardigan overlapping . Too bad, huh?

Here the boy bet on a look where the tone of light gray combined with white in a soft and charming harmony. Note that the longer cardigan, long and with front pockets, came perfectly into the look.

You can dare on the look if you are a man who likes to bet on all the modern proposals of fashion. The cardigan looks great with that social white shirt, featured colored tie or bow tie, it does not matter.

If you invested in a darker wash jeans look, combined with a nude shirt and a darker tie, to break that monotony, nothing better than investing in a red cardigan like this one from the boy below.

If you are a business man who has that very hectic life and always lives in the race, what about betting on practical and functional pieces like a cardigan ?See that black just goes with it all huh?

For that man who is more stylish and likes to dress in a way that really gains prominence , look that modern look, super urban and amazing matching jeans + cardigan + scarf!!!

Male CARDIGAN models can also enter into more fun and relaxed compositions like this super jovial and cheerful look where he invested in a yellow shorts + blue shirt + earthy cardigan.

As there are quite varied models of cardigans , you can choose models shorter or more elongated, looser to the body or more straight, in neutral and sober colors or bold and bold colors, will taste.

Many men are bothered by the open version of these blouses , and that’s where other closed options come in, like the various models of sweaters that are also mandatory pieces in the men’s wardrobe.

The good and beloved jeans combined the striped t-shirt gained a special touch when he threw the open blouse as an overlay .Besides protecting the cold, still gave a very cool style!!!

Even that boy who works in a place where social attire is mandatory , can choose a cardigan in neutral color to overlap the look, guaranteeing elegance and good taste.Look how nice it was!!!

You see, the boy below is full of style , and, lover of the traditional cardigans, is not he?Realize that he created two very different looks betting on cardigans of different colors and styles.And how good they look, huh?

For colder days, nothing better than investing in thicker and hoter versions of MALE CARDIGAN.There are those that are produced in knit with wool yarns that at the same time that stiff yet guarantee the style.

If you are relaxed and are not even there, to ensure that lively looks look a bit dull , just add a colorful cardigan like this one from the guy below.Look how nice it was!!!

Remember that basic pieces like a black cardigan , for example, will never leave you in the hand, and can wear for several occasions and with the most varied looks, even alone as the boy used below !!!

Whether in lighter or darker colors, colored or in different patterns, the cardigan is a piece that has truly become a wildcard in the modern man’s wardrobe, regardless of style.

For those who like to risk, even the ethnic prints in neutral colors such as white and black can come in modern compositions and urban style like this you see below.

So, if you do not already have a Male Cardigan model in your wardrobe, know that this piece is indispensable and can basically enter into all your productions, always surprising with style, elegance and good taste.