Cardboard Toys

Whenever I discover a new toy for girls and you find that really worth buying I put here for you. I asked for the E-Mini, partner of the Blog, choose something really creative for me to test with children.
The cottage was a success?! (see here). And now in this line of educational toys on cardboard, will show two more items that have made the greatest success at home.

What I love about these toys is that besides being accessible, allow dozens of games and activities with pencil, ink, pen, paper, anyway. All your creativity to send and your son’s match! I’ve always liked to play with creative things, ever since I was little. And I am in favour of toys that stimulate the creativity of children and rely on the help of parents to create a whole joke according to
For more activities currently Bruna hold your attention are certainly those involving painting. So I’m going to show these 2 toys that she loved it!
The first is a little House:
She comes so unopened, in the shape of a purse.
And opens in 3 sections:
Some doors open and some furniture, too.

Just the outline in black and you can paint with the material you want. Bruna’s age the preferred item are the paints and brushes. But for kids a little bit larger, you can use pieces of fabric to make a rug, a curtain, the tablecloth…. have many choices to make!
And when the mess is just close the suitcase and carry anywhere you want!
And now the rocking Cradle.

That toy though paper is super nice and you can use as a cradle of doll, because in addition to swing even comes with a very cute véuzinho.
It’s super easy and quick to assemble and disassemble:
Comes with these pens with glitter glue.
The Manu that loved to play put the baby her to sleep. She loves dolls!
Already the Bru don’t like dolls so much but loved to paint the little drawings that come in cardboard:
These two are more toys for girls. But I looked on the site and have several options of these cardboard for too, look at that:
All these toys children can come and interact as they are large and super light.
Is “dika” today for those who want a very creative toy!
All for sale on E-Mini (here).