Car Thief Felled by “Find My iPhone”

Such helped iPhone with to catch a car thief from Aarhus, who had just stolen a Ford Focus.

An unlucky car thief from East Jutland, got the other only a short time in the company of the new Ford Focus, which he earlier Friday morning stole in Malling at Aarhus.

The 35-year-old car owner discovered that his car was stolen, but luckily the owner had forgotten his iPhone in the car. Thus he could via the function “Find my iPhone” see that car found themselves at an address in Hojbjerg in Aarhus, writes our site.

The owner contacted the police, who sent a dog patrol to spot. Here they found the car and biltyven, who tried to stow away on foot. He was, however, quickly halted by a police dog that kept him stuck until police could arrest the man’s staff.