Capes and Jackets: Winter Trends.

When you think of a superhero, which is the first piece of clothing that comes to mind? Without doubt, the COVER! Batman, Robin, Superman, Magneto, National Kid, Storm and many others … all wore a Cape that, in addition to protecting, was a symbol of power, mystery and even a certain charm! It turns out that the cover is not just a superhero. Today, she is a harsh coat that conceals the arms mysteriously. In antiquity emerged as critical piece of clothing men’s outerwear. In Ancient Greece, men wore on tunics; in the Renaissance the play continued with an important element of men’s clothing, making glamour with various ornamentation and sparkles. In the 19 century, the life of man was another, industrialised. The activities of the time demanded more agility and arms on display. With this the cover fell into disuse, replaced by dinner jackets, tuxedos and, finally, suits. However, from the late 1940, with strong male influence and military clothing, the cover back to the fashion wardrobe, now at version for women.

With or without collar, fully closed or with front openings, the covers give signs of life in the 2014 Winter and continue to be the main element to protect from the cold and rain, without losing the elegance and glamor. Can be short or the more traditional model, long versions, all are very sophisticated. The cover is ideal to be used with jump, can be boot or shoe. If used the right way will elongate the silhouette and keep you nice and warm. The piece also can compose a visual feast, over dress, in this case it can be the same fabric or can be of a different color, but look like a party, with openings for the arms.

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From time to time, there are a few “styling tricks” that can even help us reinvent and/or update our visual. One of the tricks is a “different” way of wearing the jacket. It’s really not that different, but in recent international parades, the jacket served as an accessory used on the shoulders of many fashionistas. And since the trick is on the rise, how about we inspired by and adhere to the shoulder jacket?!


The fur coats have always been considered an item for a few, have a very high cost, however, today, with the synthetic fur can all use! It is important to remember that to follow the trend it is not necessary to hurt any animal. When buying your coat, vest or any other piece of skin, get the synthetic. You can be beautiful, elegant and fashionable with the synthetic, so you protect nature and saves your money – because it is cheaper. Synthetic hair and eco-dominated the catwalks of the world and are everywhere, on all models, textures, colors and volumes possible, and depending on the technique, even wool is used to create the effect. The item is no longer used just at parties and occasions more pompous. Now, composes with the look of the day!


The asymmetrical pieces of clothing have a differential in modeling that is very modern and it skips so boring sameness. They can be used both in diurnal and nocturnal productions as although they have unusual cuts and “disproportionate” are very versatile. Shallow or obvious cuts and silhouettes with a touch uneven, the trend appears both in rigid materials as in the lighter and fluids. We can say that uneven parts are composed of elegance and practicality. The asymmetry trend happens to be seen not only in the skirts turned fever in summer as well as in coats and dresses that will be present in autumn-winter. With its layers and different lengths and well-marked cutouts.

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