Can The Children Practice Running?

A racing as popular are increasing both in number as in participants, has become common to include quizzes for children before the main race, what does is give increasingly more days of sport for the whole family.

At What Age Can You Start Children Running?

In reality children begin running almost to walk, are full of life and energy and games make them run short distances from very small. If you want to see the running as an activity of enjoyment, they have to practice it with games and also so that they can decide what sports activity like most key is to make possible more varied sport: swimming, going through football, basketball, hockey and any other activity for which feel attracted.

The body of children need to be active to grow in a healthy way, to develop muscles, bones, and improve also the coordination and relations with other children and adults through sport guarantee a great personal development.

A child is a building under construction and the need for physical exercise is much greater than that of adults, need at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity. If a child moves less than that time we are favouring the emergence of diseases associated with sedentary lifestyle as overweight, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

It is important to bear this in mind today’s society increasingly has more tendency to remain sedentary, trapping us without realizing new technologies aside from active life and human relations, we must not let children play with other children running in the streets and live experiences in contact with other people and with nature.

And If The Child Chooses As Sport Practice Running?

Must not lead you to train with us or you plan a training without having the knowledge of needs that children have and what they can give of themselves and what should be asked depending on age and always taking into account that the most important thing is the enjoyment of running as a sport adapted to their age.

Doctors and coaches advise not start running for ages below five years. Until then some maturity in the way and position required to run is not reached and is easier to suffer injuries.

It is best to join an Athletics school where he will share his enthusiasm for the sport with other children, they are having a lot of games that improve your technique, you can try different specialities of athletics (from billboards to the length).

Both for them and for us it must not forget the warm-up and stretching. What is convenient for the children will be doing a brief warming of smooth continuous race, with 5 minutes will be enough, and to run. To stretch, it will be necessary to do so in a balanced way, covering twins, quads, hamstrings and glutes. No abuse, stretching in excess can reach remove force (when we tonificamos the muscle shortens, therefore we stretch).

In children it is important postural hygiene to correct them postures from small is key to not acquire bad habits in adulthood, starting because it feels good in the Chair and does not carry a heavy backpack to school. It is important and is the best time so they can learn to run properly not to acquire bad habits that are very difficult to remove to run well, with balance and biomechanically correct way, in adulthood thus treads impacts will split evenly at all the joints. To achieve this is important to practice basic technique exercises of career such as take up the heels back to the buttocks, the skipping, going up knees, feet together and leg breaks.

With all of this we can say that children can be run provided that for them it is an activity in which to have fun and enjoy both or more as those who are hooked to the world of running.

So do not expect more, and to run in the family!