Can I Use The Shirt Outside Trousers With Blazer And Blouse?

The history of the shirt on the outside or inside of the pants yields many messages and emails with questions from our readers, it seems that everyone is at ease when it comes only from a combination with jeans and footwear, but questions arise at the time of the play: will stay cool with a blazer or a blouse on top? Or both?

Actually it is not a question of right and wrong, but rather the type of costume that you want to “reach” with this combination, if it’s something more aligned or a look completely uncompromising. If the first, you don’t even think twice, put the tucked-in, otherwise, use it on the outside and be happy, but before opting for this solution, consider these tips:

Social shirts were made to be worn inside the pants, that’s why they’re so long, use them on the outside will shorten your legs and that’s not a good thing;

Even with casual shirts you have to be careful with the length, if he exceeds the blazer will make it look like you’re a diaper sticking out.When you look behind you have to view just the blazer, trousers and a shirt collar piece, nothing more;

Cropped Blazers (shorter) complicate things – as has already been explained in the previous item – limited your options of shirt, so use it inside can be smarter;

Shirts of the same colour of shirt can cause a weird visual effect, choose those that have difference in color or tone;

If you’re too low try to compensate for the flatness of the silhouette with a color shoes next to the pants, a blazer with Pinstripe and a mesh v-neck;

Only use this type of look if your workplace is tolerant when it comes to dress code, otherwise try leaving the visual as aligned as possible.A tie also goes well;

The fit of the clothes have to be well taken care of the body, any extra cloth here seems sloppy.

For the slim slim fit parts are of good size, the fat can bet on straight cut pants and blazers, but well made;

As you already have a detail drawing attention avoid filling the look of props, be economical in accessories;

Wear the shirt like that calls attention to the hip, if you have that body part is better to avoid this feature visual.

Right Or Wrong?

The above example is the fine line between cool and exaggeration, luckily the boy is tall and thin, because your silhouette this cut up by the shirt, the blazer is lighter than the pants and the boots worn with trouser bars folded. For someone low I would advise wearing the shirt inside, a v-neck sweater and without folds, as well as lengthen the body the attention would come out of the hip area and would go straight to the face.


Much of what was said here also applies if you want to sweat the shirt only on the outside with the blazer or a shirt off just with the mesh, at the end of the day what counts is the intention of the combination, if it is something totally casual or not.

What’s up guys, any more questions regarding this subject? Leave a comment if any matter appears.