Can a Nexus 10 Tablet Be Coming?

Rumors goes already now on a Nexus 10 tablet from Google and Asus. Which, apparently, has gone into production.

Google has just announced their Nexus 7 tablet, and already now the rumors and speculation about a Nexus 10 tablet.

According to our site sources, however, it is not just a rumor but a fact.

Their source from screen-industry says that 10 inch panels already is in the process of being produced for Nexus 10.

The source tells the same time to the panels to the current Nexus 7 is expected to be reached one million units by the end of July. In June alone, the 500,000 panels for production of Nexus 7.

The larger Nexus 10 does not have any expected advertising time yet, but are likely on the market quickly, after Google’s announcement of the importance of Nexus devices, under the Google I/O 2012.