Camping Out in ChiloÉ

Chiloé a magical island located to the South of Chile, colorful houses built on the shore of the Bay are the tourist, breaking with other schemes, the vibrant colors of the House transmitted life.
The main economic activity of the island is fishing and tourism, so you will enjoy all the boats arranged for this purpose.
In Chiloé you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes that await the tourist Bay inside, the architecture of the place is closely related to fishing and the religion, so you will find houses shaped boats, in addition to its church which are the heritage of humanity.

In the hills and forests of Chiloé you can practice hiking, and enjoy their ecosystem, you can also look at the penguins, a species common in the island but rare in the rest of the world, so don’t forget your camera to photograph it according to newvilleoutdoor.
The best time to go a camping to Chiloé is summer, from December to February, being February at the ideal time. The communes which have camping sites registered on our site are:

  • Ancud camping
  • Camping in Castro
  • Camping in Dalcahue
  • Camping in Curaco de Vélez
  • Camping in Quellón

You know other campsite on the big island of Chiloé that they are not in these communes?