Camping Mexico

In today’s society many times there are few vestiges of the outdoor activities being that they form an important part of the human being since we still have the instinct to go out looking for adventure and enjoy the experiences that nature offers. is aimed at those adventurers who still know how to appreciate the benefits of outdoor life, which serves to relieve the stress of work, the pressures of school or simply the routine of urban life.Our mission is to provide information, advice and articles that can lead them to improve their camping experiences, as well as share the experiences we have experienced during the time we have enjoyed the nights under the stars according to sleepingbagsexpo.

In the same way, it is aimed at novice adventurers who are looking for new experiences, at they will be able to find important data that will be very useful to them and they will be able to share their experiences with us, another of our objectives is to contribute to the conservation of the Nature and the places and landscapes that offers us to hike, to camp or simply to walk with family.

We invite you to enjoy in this adventure with us, Good camping!.