Calvin Klein Jewelery – Classic and Classy

Calvin Klein is undisputedly one of the most important designers worldwide. His timeless and purist fashion has shaped the style of entire generations. The New Yorker, son of Jewish immigrants from Austria and Hungary, began his career in Manhattan. Already in 1968 he founded his own company in the Big Apple. And while the flower children were traveling around the world with wallemons and bells, Klein set the attributes “clear, discreet and elegant” from the start.

Today, Calvin Klein delights stylish ladies and gentlemen not only with fashion, but also with perfumes, jewelery and watches. Even if the company is now run by a successor: the discreet signature on all pieces still stands for high quality and the distinctive style of Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein Jewelry – Clear Shapes

I also thought “awkward” when I recently exported Calvin Klein jewelery from the breathe collection for ladies before me: a necklace, earrings, an arm brace and the matching ladies’ watch “Senses”. Perfectly shaped and finished in shine but still far from being cool.

Two secrets of elegant design pieces turn them into favorites for day and night. There is on the one hand the form. On the one hand clean, but sensual on the other. And then the coloring. From the ladies ‘ring, over the ladies’ arms to the earrings everything shines in the fashionable bicolor. High-gloss silver is combined with warm rose gold and this creates a special effect, as I only noticed at second glance.


It is best to see it on the brace, which in the same look also as a suitable ring gives. The four fixed arches, which coalesce to form a wide band at the closure side, appear to be flared. A bow in rosé peers between the silver ones. In daylight, an exciting detail is seen, but its full effect only unfolds in the evening light. In the light of a lamp the ROSETON is reflected in the three silver arcs and helps the ladies’ ruffle to a warm glittering treat which is made for the evening gown.

The fascinating color scheme is also evident in the other bicolor pieces. For instance, with the elegant necklace: cool and pleasantly hard it is on the skin and matches the elegant neckline as well as the starched collar of a business blouse. The Creams of the breathe series combined – perfect! The earrings reach just under four centimeters in length, and their soft curves round the neck. For those who prefer earplugs, there are the Calvin Klein semitrailers in silver or rose gold.

Bicolor Ladies Watch

Since the 90s, watches have been part of the Calvin Klein product lines. Yes, more, the designer put on the watch as jewelery. The “Senses Bicolor Ladies’ Watch” also features the characteristic curved metal surfaces and almost reminds of an arm brace. The round dial is bordered like a minimalistic flower by a silver and a rosé ribbon. The practical push button closure sits on the side and can be opened and closed with one hand.

Calvin Klein Accessories for the Lord

In 2006 the jeans label of Calvin Klein also introduced watches and jewelery. From this collection, which is inspired by the robust look of the denim fabric, comes the men’s bracelet and the men’s necklace “Magnet”. Both are made of brushed stainless steel. At the center are the pendant in black-silver magnetic optics – the bracelet held by a robust armor chain. The matching necklace in the Venetian style is about 40 centimeters long. Both as a combination seem casual and masculine.

The Infinite men’s watch by Calvin Klein with Swiss quartz movement is color-matching, but a touch of elegance. The multi-unit band with folding clasp is made of wide, matt stainless steel elements refined by narrower polished elements. The big black dial with silver-colored details, as well as a date indication is framed by shiny stainless steel. A serious and yet sporty watch that will convince even lovers of digital watches.


Calvin Klein also holds in the jeweler segment what the name promises. If you prefer classic-class accessories, the New York designer is in the best of hands. All the pieces I could test were high-quality, tasteful and timeless. Favorite pieces for all your life.

From Nina

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