Calle Friberg: Broke Bike 4 Peaks after Crash

Our site: “I didn’t get down and felt it will go on h-veteI”, it will not be as expected. After victory in the second stage of Bike 4 Peaks got Calle Friberg break the race the day after a crash. Read his final report from the competition.

After two really good days here at Bike 4 Peaks with a fourth place and a victory, it was recharging for another tough day in the mountains. Third stage contained the longest and most powerful climbing in the competition’s history, it was said. 1300 meters of altitude of 15 km, we would take on. 

We would at this stage even a Shorty in Italy and spin before we turned back into Austria to go in goal in Tröpolach. The start went in Hermagor, where we went in case the day before, and that was 65 km distance from the village and the Valley of ten kilometers.

Nervously with many who wanted to take place high in the peloton. We rolled through the village of Tröpolach where today’s finish was released and began masterbilen. Hill field. It was gassed among approximately the same guys that were in the lead during the first two days. There is some good in this context is that everyone begins to find its location and level in the company.

I was with a good lead in the first 4-5 kilometers which went on asphalt and it leaned well so-so ten percent I knew then that I needed to back off a bit and let the leader Ragnoli, Hochenwarter, Sauser and Kreuchler.

I, Flat, Leisling Hardter and drummed on just behind and dropped about 20-30 seconds for a few kilometers. Flat then leave and I got going better and better. The climb leveled off a little after ten kilomeer and we had a good rhythm going. All of a sudden we had closed the door to tätkvartetten.

It was now 3-400 meters of altitude remaining for a few kilometers. When it brantade to split the Group again and I got drop Sauser, Ragnoli, Hochenwarter and Kreuchler. Tried not to go on red too much. It was really no cross-country this … I passed still top after an hour’s climbing as 5th, about 30 seconds behind.

Then it started going downhill in a steep slope where we first ran on his lawn that will make it nicer, but it felt well unclear, I think. I came directly caught up with Kreuchler which is not the fastest, I know. I perform a little ski slope on the grass genade and drove on, while it appeared those where water troughs that drains the slopes.

These can be hefty and sometimes you can strafe and jump over and sometimes not. Because the brantade on properly, I had to jump over the first, and then accelerated the baram, and I must try to bunnyhoppa the other. I didn’t get down and felt it will go on the h-wheat.

The next Flume was even bigger and I jumped too, but hit the back wheel and one foot went out. I bounced on the bezel and tried to lay down the rig in some sort of speedway-cord. Succeeded pretty well, but I went into reverse with one knee before. This could have gone much worse, but the knee was a big jack. I felt at first not so much, but it quickly became cold and stiff.

Felt that this was not something in addition to cycling cycling race with. Fortunately, there came a feedzone where everyone including father Jhon and all other teams were. I then took the decision to cancel the race. My miss entirely clear, but it is when we are in the process of with “brattomcykling” as someone said ..:)

Nothing broken but stiff as a stick with bike lamps listed on cyclingenthusiasm. Seven stitches later as we now head back home. I take in all cases with me 2.5-day fun and inspiring athletes down here. Is awesome fun to race against the big boys in the big mountains.