By Blog to Blog-Nissi Mendes Wears Jewelry Jewelry Pirates

If you diligently read our blog, then I am almost certain that this is the only one that you regularly read. Of course, blogs are nowadays not more away to think and give much pleasure the bloggers and their readers. We are very proud that we must be present for the first time in a non-blog with our great jewelry. And we wouldn’t want to deprive of course the great photos you:

Well how do you like the look of Nissi?We find that the rock in the station wagon with the blouse looks really great and that even the great Cleopatra necklace jewellery pirates really great comes to the fore. So a statement necklace can give in again without doing too much in the foreground to the outfit that certain something. And did you find also our absolute season Favorites? Because also Nissi carries the popular double beads.Their model is entirely decorated in Brown. There’s the double beads but of course in many different colours and variants. Perhaps you know them already under other names such as two-sided pearls or peek-a-boos. We have reported so extensively about the double beads, if you want to learn like a bit more about the stylish earrings, here comes directly to the post. The two pearl earrings are they also in many different colors and with pretty stones or flowers. Here, we will show you our colored favorites from

Now but only enough of pretty fashion jewelry. We want to introduce you to is actually the blog by Nissi. See can be found almost every day new posts. And first and foremost concerns in her blog of course fashion. We love the fashion victims of course. Nissi says that she has actually no solid style and dressed just like she wants it. Thus, it has the best conditions to show something new every now and then and brings to the fore also always back totally unconventional looks. In addition to fashion you can read but on their blog also on travel, beauty, and now and then also about great tips in terms of men, like the latest post “He’s just not that into you” shows.Here, the facts are again put on the table which surely know many of you still from the film of the same name. Who needs a little thinking support or wondering why the swarm currently not registering now you in read Nissis post. What yet she tells us is that she was born in Switzerland and has Portuguese roots, so their posts not only in German but also in Portuguese will be posted. We wish you already enjoy reading their posts!