Buying Lingerie Online with Vittorino Intimates

The fashion market is changing bit by bit your face and now the idea of exclusivity and buying more parts copyright is gaining strength among consumers more attuned. Today, more than ever, I seek-and I bet you also! -a special differential parts, is in the finish and in the choice of fabrics, is in modeling and in the relationship with customers.

Another relevant tariff at the time of opting for a piece is the one of social responsibility. In times of the digital age is easier to know if the seamstresses of a brand are being paid with honesty, for example, if you have employees working conditions, exploitation of minors, among other concerns. It is precisely for these three valuable items-authorship, uniqueness and social responsibility – I’m very, very happy to be able to show you a brand new underwear, which develops with great affection and responsibility lingeries cute, for excellence in finishes and in unusual materials: Vittorino Intimates.

The Vittorino was born little time in October 2014, but is already making a lot of noise around in bras and panties that combine different moulds the inflated precinho that fit in your pocket. My choice on the website of the brand was a small set of pink lingerie: bra in a strappy bra outfit that is super high and I think it looks beautiful and sophisticated for use with satin regatinhas or even more revealing shirts. The panties already chose a boxer type model, which is a great choice for use with justinhas parts and hold the belly flab, hehe. Oh, and for being almost a short shorts, is perfect also to be combined with a camisetão and sleep very very comfortable.

Upon receiving the parts, in addition to proving the delicacy of hand-finished, could use them and approve the comfort that bring-it’s no use, lingerie for day to day needs to be extremely comfortable and ensure our well-being, right? Oh, and I love also the choice of material-a row to knit with microperforations that allow the absorption of sweat during use. Bingo!

How to keep your underwear always brand new?

We know that are delicate lingerie and requiring specific care at the time of washing, drying and storage. For this, the team of Vittorino Intimates separated some special tips and simple to maintain your new lingerie and perfect for years. Spy:

  • When washing the lingerie pieces opts for the cold water to avoid damage to the fibers of the fabric and never wring your bras and panties in time to dry them. Wash, preferably the underwear by hand, massaging them gently.
  • To Save on lingerie must be careful also with the bleach-they can cause damage to the structure of the fabric.
  • Either use the dryer, combined? The heat can also damage the lycra, the elastic loops of finishes, in addition to assaulting delicate fabrics such as rents and also applications such as crystals and precious stones.
  • Prefer dry your lingerie the shadow rather than keep them in the Sun – this can over time assaulting the most delicate tissues and alter the original colors of the pieces
  • Are also needed some care to keep your lingerie: prefer, for example, airy and free of moisture, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. Another good Tip to keep your lingerie is to separate a drawer especially to intimate parts.
  • Attention, attention: never, never bend or turn the bulges of their Bras! This causes extreme damage to your foam and structure. Keep it always open and queued to occupy less space. Oh, and this tip also applies to bikinis or padded tops.
  • Another good suggestion sweetheart Vittorino team Intimates is to put perfumed sachets between parts in drawers and so keep them smelling and clean until the next use.

To buy your lingerie Vittorino Intimates is just access the site and fill your parts cart beautiful, and full of exclusives. The price are wonderful, you can trust! Oh, and the good time is that who register on there site, you will earn 10% discount on your first purchase. Great, huh?

I’d love to know which of the lingerie models you enjoyed! The sexiest? The most comfortable? Tell me in the comments at!