Buy Wall Stickers

We often see that our House is very dull, white walls and lifeless and want to give a new face to our House.
An easy and cheap way to leave several rooms of the your home redesigned, in addition to being super fast, don’t have dirt and hard work as it would have if you paint a wall, for example.

You can leave your House with your face, leaving each wall a little of you, with varied themes, there are many options to make your house full of style and very cheerful.
So, check out the amazing tips on wall stickers!


In stores have several options of themes to choose from, the most common are abstract images, flowers, hearts, stars, guitars, animals, etc.
A lot depends on what room you will put the adhesive.
In a child’s room as a child, it would be interesting to put on the wall next to the bed or the top of the headboard to a colorful cart image, or also a cartoon character that your child likes, for example.
For a child’s room of a girl, gets very cute stickers of pink flowers, stars and hearts, dolls stickers are also a charm.

You can also put up stickers abstract or more subtle colors in rooms such as living room, kitchen and bathroom or bedroom, as more elaborate plans and abstract images.
To apply the patches it is necessary to choose a smooth and clean surface, can be a mirror, a pottery, a wall in the bathroom box or in a glass.
Always remember to clean the surface before applying the adhesive.
Do not use in places with infiltration, damp or with any desnivelação So if it is put in the box, for example, dry well and try to put in a higher place of the box not to hit a lot of water and always on the outside.
It is very easy to apply, just need to take the back paper and paste right on the surface.

You can buy stickers with cool prices in the city centre, in one of those shops that sell everything as wall clocks, telephone with differentiated forms, tables or vases of flowers, which come out super cheap and really worth the time and vary from 2 to 20 real real.
Also has some stores that sell on the internet such as but the prices are more salty and can reach 100 reais, so prefer buying in major centers of Commerce in small shops.