Business Suit for Plus Size

A woman who works in the office, female boss, business woman, or just a woman who wants to work time to look strict and stylish, has a wardrobe shelf business affairs. But of course, each of the fairer sex want to wear this seems not only formally but also elegant as cheap clothes.

Women Suits Complete

Says the famous adage: “Meet on clothes.” Indeed, clothes for businesswomen interview at work for days, meetings with partners should be different from everyday life. It depends on confidence and attractiveness, attention and, therefore, success and career.

Business suit for overweight women may be different:

  • Blouses, pants and jacket – classic triple. It is important to choose a shapeless blouses and shirts. They only add volume. Do not stop your choice of blouse with ruffles, collar. It is better to prefer simple overhead light shades or “colored” stamp. The jacket can be either free or mounted, but the pants, which must be direct or kleshenыe of the knee, but not shrinking and breeches.
  • Dress in costume for obese women – a symbol of elegance. It fit into the working style of dress sheath knee. It can also complement the coat or jacket.
  • Costume for obese women. Good looks straight skirt, copper, with the possibility of cutting back or side. Magnificent fashion skirts should be avoided, trapezes.

Fabric and Color Business Suit for Obese Women

The materials, which are made office packages, different: Wool, linen, cotton gabardine, tweed and so on D. They practicality. The main colors of clothes – black, brown, gray, blue, beige. But there are also models a business suit for women in full cell line. Office Style also in some cases may be at work in red or light blue, white suit.