Bubble Rain Shower Head

This is the story of the Bubble Rain , the new star under the water par shower heads, or as Malte used to say some time ago:

“Geilo, what kind of thing is here? Bubble Rain? We must have man! The rain shower Bubble Rain – mega horny … Ingo (the other fraction of the Dortmund grouping) come here, look at this Bubble Rain! This is the hammer, or is the thing not cool ?!-we must have it. “

How The Bubble Rain Came To GrÜNspar

Of course, the Bubble Rain is primarily a water par shower head, as bestcraftblog says. It consumes only 6 liters of water per minute and saves, in contrast to the normal shower heads, 2/3 of water. Moreover, it has a really proud price with 71,75 €.
In this respect, it was actually quite a normal day, when the Bubble Rain saw the light of the Green Spar headquarters. Just like every day, it happened yesterday that our dear Malte-a signer of the company Grünspar and therefore responsible for your product range – once again got a few packages delivered to our headquarters. These packages are usually patterns of products that he would like to include in the shop, and on this day it was just the Bubble rainbow…

As a rule, such an event belongs to the exciting category of sack rice, which falls into China, but today I would like to dedicate the extra star to the new star at the Grünspar product heaven, the Bubble Rain, with my spiritual ejection.Why? Read it yourself!

How To Get To Know Bubble Rain

Before we take a product into the shop, it is naturally tested by us extensively.From time to time, the quality of a product requires that any product tests have to be relocated to the local areas in order to subject them to our strict quality test.
So it happened that the BubbleRain was to be tested for its suitability on the day before, and as it happens, I was once again able to balance my astral body into the domestic shower for our green standard Seven point test for showerhead convenience.

Even though Malte rarely understands something like this is usually such a semi-exciting event for me, so I sent my body on the tortures of the half-hour shower marathon on the tortures of the half-hour shower marathon yesterday, in order to wind up our test catalog.

How I Could Learn To Love The Bubble Rain

But what then happened was a revelation, a bath of emotions: Attention is not meant by a circulation-stimulating warm/cold exchange, but the symphony of the water drops of the Bubbleraine, which then tore my bored body out of the lethargy and put into a state of the happiness , Then after the end of the shower test by the denying of the drops again cruel to the dreary everyday life.

Hello Green Spar World: You’ve already read a lot from him and here he is finally really, the Bubble Rain.

Excuse me, this is the “Regendusche Bubble Rain”. This little wondering German inventor’s spirit from the company of Wolf Umwelttechnologie is simply a projectile from the future, which-for me still inexplicably – actually 2/3 of the water against conventional non-water-saving shower heads saves and thereby a fireworks to feel well at the shower, That the term “water-saving” lags about as much as if one Messi’s football would describe to a blind man like this: “Yes, the Messi makes a lot of goals!”

Dear people, from this water shower head called Bubble Rain, water drops are not bubbling but air-filled water bubbles. If one has to classify this shower pleasure in the shower comfort scale from 1 to 10, I can give the Bubble Rain – really for the first time in my previous tester life – out of the purest heart the 10.I really do not know how a shower head should have this experience when showering with the Bubble Rain ever!

Pooh, I’m starting to look at the laptop like Malte, when I look back at yesterday’s showering pleasure with the Bubble Rain dreaming, but in any case, I’m hurting you with this Malte: “Yes man-this Bubble Rain we must have ”
But before I lose still further attitude or I am declared as a fairy tale, because I in the style of the soccer specialist press dedicated to the Bubble Rain my life tribute, I can recommend everyone only times to test themselves. Unfortunately our pattern was lost somewhere somewhere on the way back to the office. I’m really inexplicable and I am so sorry … NOT

Because I’m going to make my way home now, just to have a quick shower after all the excitement…

… And you can still enjoy some pictures of the Bubble Rain!