Brush For Dogs:Discover More About Dalani

How to make the hair of your pet more and more shiny? With brush for dogs, indispensable accessory in yourbeauty case of your four-legged friend. A cuddle of well-being for the happiness of your faithful companion. Be inspired by Dalani…!

Brush For Dogs:Discover More About Dalani

Brush For Dogs: Care For The Puppy

A good owner of a dog knows, to make happy your pet, there are many important attentions with which to cope, and brush for dogs is an accessory very useful to offer your puppy a real moment of relaxation. Yes, because when the toilet is for your nice and positive dog, if done with the right measures and technical perfect. Brush for dogs to be used both after the bath, it should never be too frequent, once a month will suffice, followed by newspapers relevant details such as brushing and washing paws, if the baby lives in the house. But… how often you should brush your Fido? There is no fixed answer, but it depends on the breed of your friend, your type of hair and the lifestyle you lead. In fact the brush for dogs will have to be used more for long-haired breeds or for those specimens that are to be stripped. Be inspired by the Dalani tips!

Brush For Dogs: Tips For Use

It ‘good to accustom your faithful friend since puppy and use the brush for perfect dog for his fur. But brushing for dogs and choose which methods toilettatura follow? Dalani gives you more technical suggestions … The short-haired dogs, at the end of the treatment, by means of a brush with dense bristles, are “polished” with a cloth, those long-haired, however, need the passage of a brush strict care of the undercoat. Depending on the hair, changes the brushing technique, in fact:

The satin cloaks:use a brush for dogs with bristles, a glove or chamois leather, first against the grain and then in the direction of the hair. Simply only once a week.

The short cloaks:pay attention to the undercoat. Pass the brush for dogs with the bristles to remove loose hair and dirt. Finish with a fine comb, paying attention to the hair thicker on the neck and tail. The short-haired dogs should be brushed twice a week during the moulting and once a week the rest of the year.

The hard coats:In addition to regular brushing treatment, once a month these breeds need to reduce excess hair using a comb from stripping, which only removes long hairs and fluttering.

The long, thick coats:after dissolving the nodes, use a brush with metal teeth to go through thicker hair pieces, finally use a wide-toothed comb over the entire body. This operation should be done every day, and once a month would cut the excess hair.

“There is no faithfulness that does not betray at least once, except that of a dog” – Konrad Lorenz