Brooks Transcend Shoes Review

Runner experienced, Aurélien had never run with the Brooks brand shoes. This is now done with this test of the Transcend which he delivers the report.

The tester


Size : 1 m 75
Weight: 69kg

Practice of running 4 years
6 to 8 workouts per week depending on the objectives for a little more than 100 weekly km

10 km: 32 mn30
Half-marathon: 1 h 13
Marathon: 2h39mn11s

The test conditions

I used the shoes for a month and a half covering 320 kilometres on all types of terrain. I used them both for my aerobic sessions than for my split on track. They have also been used in competition for the 10 kilometres from Saint Michel Chef Chef.

The test

It is the first time that I run with Brooks. I go into the unknown as I don’t know many people who use this brand. At the opening of the box, I’m a little surprised by the shape of the shoe. It is wide in front and narrows at the heel! I find it heavy. I weighed 69 kilos and I say at this point that she is not really made for me! It is true that’s not at all the type of shoes that I usually use. I prefer having light shoes like the Psyknowhow (see test the Mizuno Wave Sayonara) and change them more often.

Spend these prejudices, I’m leaving for a small exit aerobic. I put on shoes and I’m pleasantly surprised now. They are extremely comfortable, tightening the laces system is perfect. As soon as the first strides, the weight is forgotten. The cushioning is soft but the shoes respond well. They do not crash and show a surprising dynamism. I conquered.

However, I think will totally change the sessions split or competing. As soon as I want to accelerate, the Brooks Transcend arises. I have the impression of having hooves for feet! The feeling is really amazing, I hardly know why shoes appear to be so heavy and rigid.

After a month and a half of testing, the sole has practically remained unchanged. The fabric is well and has no weak point. These shoes are really robust compared to other recent models.


The Transcend Brooks are ideal shoes to the footings with moderate speed, regardless of the duration or the level of the practitioner. I would also advise them to start on marathon. The Guide Rails technology provides comfort on this type of footwear. They are however to forget as soon as the pace is accelerating.

Well designed, they will last but they are sold 170 and remains an important investment.

The Brooks Transcend card

Brand: Brooks
Model: Transcend
Wake: universal
Weight: 340 gr in 42.5
Technologies used:

  • Rails guides: allows the shoe to adapt to the heels of the runner. She promises to guide and support the foot of the runner within its natural and specific movements.
  • Super DNA: allows additional cushioning of 25% compared with BioMoGo DNA and also adapts to the wake.

Price: €170