Brooks Ghost 7 Shoes Review

The Ghost 7 model test was an opportunity for Thierry Richeton discover the Brooks brand. After wearing these shoes for about 160 kilometers, he gives us his feeling.

The tester

Thierry Richeton

51 years old
Hydraulic technician
Height: 1 m 75
Weight: 70 kg
Practice of running for 6 years
10 km: 51 minutes
Marathon: 3:44
Half marathon: 1:48

Rider of the team challenge Joëlette, no big trail in competition, but many exits ‘nature’ of 20 to 35 km between friends, the Capuchins (Aubrac 18 km) trail, green marathon of Rennes with the Joëlette challenge…

The test conditions

I used these shoes on varied lands (160 km bitumen and forest trails) for type mainly, fartlek training sessions in the weather conditions known in Normandy during the autumn: softness and moisture.

I have also tested in competition on the Green marathon of Rennes, in three relay run with the team challenge, under a beautiful Sun breton Joëlette.

The test

Until then, I had never run in Brooks. Out of the box, these shoes have a nice look with their ridged sole. The finish is neat. I am surprised by the profile of the model that seems narrow heel and expanded on the front of the foot, but the fitting reassures me immediately.

From the first session, I appreciate the closed comfort. The heel is very well kept without causing pressure point. The liner is comfortable, and well propped foot including on the front.

On the asphalt, the cushioning seems satisfactory, no pain or other problem will cast doubt on this point during the long carried out on road or the relay of the Green marathon of Rennes. No moisture, no more problem.

It’s on the trails that I’ll be most surprised by these footwear. The grip of the sole is excellent.Combining this with the quality of support of the foot in the shoe, they are very precise and very reassuring on forest trails. To take them a little more away on this ground in climbs and descents more technical and more slippery without problem. They respond very well to reminders and I took a lot of fun to use dynamic sessions in the forest.

I have a little bullied them enough terrain, and yet saw no premature wear or tear or detachment.


I was very pleasantly surprised by this first contact with Brooks and these 7 Ghost that offer a very good compromise between cushioning and strength, allowing the search for performance in competition on semi or marathon.

Maintaining, I found exceptional, and the quality of the grip of the sole, offer a great versatility, allowing use training on grounds of any type. A real treat in the forest for one to two hours of fartlek sessions!

The record of the Brooks Ghost 7

Brand: Brooks
Model: Ghost 7
Weight: 294 g 42.5
Rider profile: less than 80 kg-for universal rider of average weight in training and in competition.
Type of stride: universal supinatrice
Technologies used:

  •  DNA cushioning
  • System caterpillar (independent blocks) for a smoother foot roll

Price: €130