Britecell Samsung’s New Sensor Technology For Smartphones

With Britecell, Samsung wants to improve the image quality by Smartphone photos in low light conditions. It announced the Korean company in Singapore.

Samsung Investor Forum some of its current development projects presented by 2015 on the Samsung Electronics – including a new image sensor technology for Smartphones called Britecell. Goal of technology is to reduce the overall height of the sensor, as well as to achieve better image quality in low light conditions, reported Samsung Manager Kyushik Hong.

For this, the green pixels of the commonly used Bayer filter should be replaced by white pixels. It is possible to gather more light and to obtain better illuminated images in a row. Together with the already used Isocell technique, where you effectively builds a wall to each pixel, to avoid errors due to stray light, you could reduce the camera module from six to five millimeters thick – and this with the same resolution.

Future Smartphones should also benefit from other new technologies – from Ablogtophone, WDR (wide dynamic range), which would offset different brightness in the image, said Hong. Using this technique, you can independently influence the exposures of individual pixels. Also, you wanted increase also the auto focus speed using the Isocell technique because the clear separation of the pixel allows also a phase-detection AF instead of the slower contrast evaluation. (keh)