Bridal Necklaces

We have selected, among the most beautiful bridal necklace to wear for your wedding. In 3-wire with beads, Swarovski, simple or to wear on their backs with pendant, the choice is varied!

Choose the necklace for your wedding is not easy, far from it, but with these tips and pictures of the most beautiful wedding necklaces there guidance in choosing the most suitable charm at our wedding.

As you cannot tell “ever” which are the most suitable wedding necklaces to each of us, it is better to establish some criteria for choosing the bridal necklace that best suits us. Here at, then, the coordinates for the matching and buy wedding necklace.

Gold, silver or Platinum?

The metal of the necklace must be able to invoke the wedding dress. White Gold, silver, yellow gold, or even “no metal”, are issues of paramount importance when choosing the bridal necklace!Keep in mind the color of the dress and, in principle, do this: to opt for the white dress bridal necklace in silver, Platinum or white gold; If the dress is champagne-colored or white and ivory are ideal metals such as yellow or pink gold!

Design and style wedding necklace

Choose jewelry in addition to details of the wedding dress. If the design of the dress is very pompous, for example, that of the necklace must be very simple: a dress will look good with a little gold and a pendant, while silk and chiffon will fit with pearls and precious stones. In this way thenecklace will have the desired effect, namely to emphasize the beauty of the dress. It is also important to match your jewelry with the details of the wedding dress: for example wear pearls combined with the edge of the wedding dress or diamonds combined with sequins and crystals.So it would be better to avoid the beads on clothes with stones and vice versa. Even the style of wedding dress has its weight with hairstyle and why, a princely collier and a gipsy wedding dress, will probably not be well matched.

Neckline of the dress

Necklaces and chokers are perfect on strapless wedding dresses, while the bridal necklaces with pendant or pendant are ideal with plunging necklines and sweetheart. If you are wearing a wedding dress jewel or turtleneck is better not to wear a necklace and stake everything on a pair of earrings that enhance the neck of the dress.

Bride hairstyle and wedding rings

Obviously the necklace must be selected according to hairstyles and hair jewelry that we wear. If for example we wear a rhinestone tiara, it would be good if the necklace the recalled.
As for the wedding rings, this is not a rule, but if you have chosen a white Platinum Rings yellow gold necklace may not be suitable.

The necklace should not then chosen at random and without having made the necessary tests!Try the jewelry that you wear on your special day and you’ll be perfect!