Bridal Makeup Trends 2014, All the News 

Next to the wedding? The most glamorous bridal makeup trends 2014 are primarily two, on the one hand the bride on the other that SOAP and water look more eccentric that focuses heavily on the colors strong and resolute. I mean nude look against smokey eye.

Next spring many of you tie the knot, and between investments, flowers, and organization of tables, there is always something that is forgotten or overlooked, and often at the expense of dress, hair and makeup, the only things that we can afford to think only a few months before the wedding, but we have to do it all too quickly. If you haven’t had still no way to do a makeup test or get an idea about the kind of ideal makeup for the wedding day, this article devoted to wedding makeup trends 2014 could prove very valuable.

We start from a simple premise: how artificial and attention to detail, don’t forget that the bride must have a natural appearance that reflects its way of being, therefore do not experience make up by star or too eccentric, best natural and discreet sophistication but, unless you’re willing to make some compromises on dress and accessories.

The wedding makeup trends for 2014 pose particular attention on the look, with gradient effects ranging from natural tones of nude to the Classic smokey eye smoky tones. Strictly natural Lips if the Eye makeup and dark shades, are chosen by the sharper tone if combined with a nude makeup. So are two trends for 2014 and are in opposition to each other: on the one hand, there is a strong predilection for the nude look, on the other, the exaltation of bright colors or strong to highlight your eyes or lips.

The nude make up keeps a light complexion and a very natural look, without distorting the face or facial features. In this case the eyes are highlighted by neutral eye shadows in shades of pink, beige and bronze, abounding with mascara and pencil to outline the features of the eye. On the other hand the bride “nude”, you’ll enjoy a splash more resolute on the lips with vibrant colors ranging from the classic red lacquer rather, Fuchsia, Orange and brick. The second option aims once again on the eyes but emphasizes the look with strong colours and lit, as Fuchsia, purple, green and even Orange, or alternatia with a Classic smokey eye. In this case the lips should appear very discrete and natural, with a neutral lipstick or simply a gloss.

In summary this year the wedding makeup allows us some flexibility between a clean look in style SOAP water and a make up highly sought after and eccentric … the choice is yours. If you haven’t a clue about it, please take a look at our gallery.