Bridal Gown Buying Tips

Brides beware 2016! Today, there are wedding dress buying tips from the pros from the owners of the beautiful wedding dress gate Crusz in Berlin! But for now Sandra tells a bit what you about their great store!

“We have a great evening and bridal store in the heart of Berlin.” We all started more than 10 years ago with a tiny shop in the August road midway between galleries. At that time, we sold only evening dresses. At some point, the customer question came up, so we would sell no wedding dresses. And in fact, this step was us much closer than you think. We advise clients has always been around dresses for those very special occasions in life: the crucial business meeting, the exciting date with dinner at the Italian, the long reach long-awaited prom, the great opera.There are many occasions where women glamorous, gorgeous and stunning would feel.Also the right outfit is essential. Who feel comfortable in his skin and his dress is confident. We ensure this appearance. And what moment in a woman’s life is greater than the moment in which the own future she sees in a wedding dress. This moment, in which for the bride and groom and the wedding guests is the world. So we have gone into the wedding business and have not regretted it to this day!”

In addition to international top designers like Rembo styling, permission, Kenneth Winston, Ladybird, Diane Legrand and Raimon Bundo makes the bride heart beat the in-house label crusz white . The idea behind the label: High-quality materials, clear cuts and refined details that underline the natural beauty of the bride. Bridal Accessories, a Mr Department and an in-house tailor complement the All other wedding guests, the mother of the bride and bridesmaids, are in good hands at crusz.

Crusz team is each customer with passion and advice and assistance to the side and into brilliant reality wedding gown dreams! And we may share this expertise with you today!

Tips for the wedding gown fitting

The wedding date is set, the wedding is booked – now it is time for the most beautiful, but often also nervenzehrensten point on the Bride-to-do list: The wedding dress. As expected very high are the expectations of this piece of clothing. What woman would not ravishing look in the aisle to the altar. Here is the tips of the wedding dress professionals, as the first gown fitting ensures a good mood and a complete success!

Let you before your first fitting of magazines, blogs and other sites inspired and gather ideas. The wedding dress is no everyday clothing and for every woman once uncharted territory. Button up on the topic.

Even if you’ve fallen yourself in a wedding dress on a photo apparently immortal, stay always open for new. Try free a dress that your adviser suggests friends and you think it might not be attractive even at first glance. Your consultant is a wedding dress and know exactly which dress cut can better emphasize your features and hide small vulnerabilities. The advice of professionals is therefore irreplaceable. Enjoy it, to be in good hands and having someone on your side jungle, boldly leads you to the perfect gown to wedding dresses.

So seductive as that sounds, to make fitting – out your wedding dress a little party take no more than two chords. Of course, all your loved ones want only the best for you. Despite the many different opinions and comments will confuse needlessly you. Too many cooks spoil the mush and will automatically increase your level of stress in the decision-making process.

Watch out for your own sense! Only you alone know what dress your dress is. Only you feel the butterflies in my stomach and the goose bumps in the right dress. Your mother or your best friend can hardly feel that feeling.

Your wedding dress search is not an Olympic sport! If a dress your heart beat faster, dare to “Yes” you! Try on more dresses not yet “for security”. Be self-confident. You know, when you’re wearing the right dress.

Contribution to the fitting as little makeup as possible or don’t want completely. So you ibal clothes. Finally, you want to find any remnants of the previous wedding dress fitting on the clothes.

Plan the wedding gown fitting at an early stage and make an appointment! In this way saves you friends even much stress and can instead relaxed and with enough advance to find your wedding dress.

All want fitting appointments on the weekend. If it is possible, you and your companions to meet during the week for a deep relaxed wedding dress search.

Clearly define your price range before fitting. Dresses to try on, are beyond your budget helps friends only to frustration, but not to your dream dress.

So I can actually go wrong! We wish you lots of fun and success in finding wedding dress!