Boy Pregnancy

One of the most frequently asked questions during the first few months of gestation is what the baby’s gender is.

Boy Pregnancy

Knowing whether it is a boy or girl pregnancy is something that many parents look forward to.

In this article you can learn more about the pregnancy of a boy, and also how to know the sex of the baby that has in the belly. Check out.

The Boy Pregnancy

The sex of a baby is defined at the time of fertilization. Each sex cell, male and female, has 23 pairs of chromosomes, with the genetic information of the father and the mother.

From the union of these chromosomes result the characteristics of the future baby.

So, to be a boy pregnancy, the sex chromosome pair must be XY. OX necessarily comes from the mother, since the egg only has sex chromosomes X, while the Y comes from the father.

However, since the sperm contains both X and Y chromosomes, the final pair may be XX (girl’s pregnancy) or XY (boy’s pregnancy). Then check how to know if it’s a boy’s pregnancy.

How to know if it is a boy’s pregnancy

In popular tradition there are many methods to know if it is a boy or girl pregnancy.

The ring test, the size and shape of the pregnant belly, the frequency and intensity of nausea and other symptoms, etc. However, none of these methods has any evidence that it is truly reliable.

To really know, in a safe way, if you have a boy pregnancy, there are three methods. The first, and most reliable of all, is waiting for childbirth.

In other times, only then was the sex of the baby certain. Of course, nowadays, unless you really want to, there are ways to know well before if you have a pregnancy as a boy or a girl.

From the 16 / 17th week of gestation, it is already possible through an ultrasound to glimpse the baby’s sexual organ. As such, by the fourth month of pregnancy you can know with some confidence whether you are a boy or not.

If you can not wait that long, there are ways to know if you have a boy or girl pregnancy earlier today.

By the 8th month it is already possible to perform blood tests, where it is possible to detect fetal DNA sequences. If in these sequences the Y chromosome is present, then it has a boy’s pregnancy.