Boots Dr Martens Garrick


Present at the feet of several generations who have used this brand (or still use it) to drive their motorcycle, the brand Dr. Martens now offers a model specially developed for the practice of the two wheels. Shipping from d3o, here’s the Garrick.

If you are still a teenager, you certainly have in the closet. If you have more than 35/40 years, there are strong chances you had of Dr. Martens at the feet during your teenage years. And even after for some who want to enjoy the comfort of their boots once descended from the saddle. However, during the journey, these boots, classic, do not protect against shocks. That’s why Dr. Martens added the Garrick to his catalog.

Boots Dr Martens Garrick: of the d3o for motorcycle

Under this name hiding of technical features dedicated to the motorcycle boots. Except leather full grain resistant to the bite of the bitumen, we find the malleolus protection (internal and external) and tibia. These are designed in d3o to avoid the side “rigid” that bothers some users on the plus size motorcycle boots. Of course, the top of the toes receives a reinforcement in rubber to not mark the boot by playing with the selector. On the side of the sole, Dr. Martens made a small infidelity that has built its reputation: she’s here on rubber black and thought to better withstand the heat. Similarly, a shank was placed inside in order to avoid the reversals in a fall. It is hoped that the Garrick will show the same flexibility as the historical Boots brand, under penalty to disappoint fans who have fallen for this model. The closure is done usinga zip at the back, which should help the flexibility when the market. He’s completed two loops for the look.

Available in a unique color, 36 to 48, the boots Dr Martens Garrick should agree both to men and women. Count still € 540 to offer these waterproof boots and certified EN 13634, for the rare moment.