Book Beauty Services Online

You want to book a flight beauty service in the place comfortable and at the best price? We discovered the Blissbooker site that comes to our aid with a revolutionary service!


Blissbooker is the first site dedicated to the world of beauty through which to book and buy the best of beauty services comparing prices, offers and choosing convenient time and location.

One offered by Blissbooker is an exclusive service already popular abroad that allows you to book classic services like manicures and hair styling, as well as more specific treatments, such as laser hair removal, Thai massage,restorative treatments or real custom spa paths, only to name a few.

One of the great advantages of Blissbooker service is in total transparency and ease of comparison of the prices of each service. In fact, you can access the detailed price list of the most important Italian beauty centers. These include exclusive hair salons, spas, wellness centers and massage, companies specializing in treatments for weight loss and much more.


Often we want to change hairdresser or beautician, but we do not know who entrust us, or we need a treatment last minute to prepare for a special occasion, or even look for a reliable center to which we can reach out for it subject to special treatment. In all these cases Blissbooker is very useful, because it offers us the best aesthetics on an easily navigable platform, also by phone, organized  impeccably by categories : hair, nails, spa, weight loss, body, massage, hair removal, face.

Each section is divided into distinct subcategories that once selected show us all the lounges available in the city, or neighborhood, we have chosen. Similarly, the search can also take place for the price: in so doing it is possible to identify in an immediate way the side which we prefer, in order to reserve in a simple and fast.


How you can book a service? To make you understand how easy it is to find the right service we take for example thehair salons. By opening the drop-down menu dedicated to hairdressers you can choose between the major services offered by the hair stylist from our own, such as straightening, styling, cutting, hairstyles, color and streaks, but also extension application, without forgetting men and children cuts cuts.

After selecting the service of our interest, in the left sidebar you can ‘skim’ selection going to fully meet our needs.Firstly we can choose our city we preferred. Later we can deal with the date, time and price range.

The Blissbooker site will propose a list of lounges available to carry out the treatment required by us on the day and at the time prescribed. Following a few clicks suffice to obtain confirmation of booking via email.

In addition to the ‘classic’ services as may be the styling, the portal you can also choose from attractive beauty packages that include ‘promo pack’ with multiple services at affordable prices, such as cutting shatush + +toning, to name one among the many proposed.

Another really interesting advantage relative to Blissbooker? The presence on the site of the duration of each service. For example, did you know that a session of laser hair removal in the groin area lasts 30 minutes, while for the area of legs lasts an hour? In this way we can organize to perfection our beauty sessions!


The booking service beauty Blissbooker is booming. There are already many in fact, the adherents centers, common in major Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Verona, Cagliari, Parma, Perugia, Pescara, Bergamo and many more. E ‘to consider also the possibility to select the area or the neighborhood preferred by us, for example, for the city of Milan, the Brera areas, canals or the Cathedral, as well as in Rome the Pariori neighborhoods, Flaminio, Cassia, and so on.


How do I register to the site? Register at Blissbooker is very simple as well as convenient: inserting fact your name, email address and password you are immediately registered and eligible to receive an immediate discount voucher of 10 euros on the first booking.

By joining you can also receive email specials on all services in our city level. In addition, those who prefer instant access can register to the site via Facebook with a simple click (do not worry, the information and purchases will not be shared in any way with friends on the web!).

It inspires you the booking service offered by Blissbooker? We do we are super curious and we have already registered to the site: we look forward to discovering new centers in our area, and new treatments ever experienced!