Bontoni Italian Shoes

Until 2004, Bontoni only stitched shoes to local customers and friends in the Italian region of Marche. Third generation family company with Lewis Cutillo and cousin realized, however, that there was a lot of potential even beyond the region’s borders. After having established a number of dealers in the United States is now waiting for the European market.

The goal is to be sold in the world’s top 30 stores. Since last fall, among other things, the sale of Bontoni famous department store Bergdorf Goodman in New York and Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco which made itself known by introducing Ermenegildo Zegna for the American market. Next year, the focus is on London, the Netherlands, Dubai, Hong Kong and Moscow. Even Sweden is described as a possible market future.

The shoes are sewn in the family’s small Studio in Montegranaro according to Italian tradition. Each pair will take approximately twelve weeks to complete, which also limits the maximum output of 12 pairs per day. After the all the parts are joined together, the shoes rest for at least 25 days after which the Shoemaker with Welt stitching completes the shoes. Much emphasis is placed on the selection of leather as well as the treatment of the. Bontoni offers a variety of colors and finishes to give the shoes their own unique patina.

The design is, according to the company itself, inspired by Italian 50 ‘s fashion and celebrity Cricket League 6 includes everything from sophisticated to casual walking shoes. Not directly, however, Nike Air Force One, but rather something for a Sunday walk on Italian cobblestone. The price starts at just over 7,000 and extends to just over £ 1,000 for the really discerning also offers the company custom-made shoes whose price tag ranges from less than 30,000-77,000 USD depending on the choice of leather.

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