Bomber Jacket Fashion Trend 2016

The bomber is the 2016 spring/summer fashion jacket, a must have item that you should not miss.

Of this season’s hot trends we’ve discovered some, but the spring/summer 2016 wants to surprise us again. It is the bomber, the classic varsity jacket, also known as varsity jacket, the model must have of the warm months.

It is therefore high time to set aside, though not quite, beautiful knit jackets and blazers at, because the bomber will take their place. Don’t be alarmed, the proposals of the fashion houses are definitely different than what we were subjected, horror horror over the 90s.

The bomber’s spring/summer 2016 have shapes more slim, dry, large and not oversized like those of the last century. The women’s models do not reflect more comprehensively every shapes, line and volume of masculine. And to create a stark contrast to the men’s jackets, many brands that offer the bomber with spring and floral prints.

There’s even those who dare more with fluorescent colors and sparkling, with combinations that, for a reason not yet well-known, refer us to the glories of the 80s. What about this pattern seen during the last parade of Just Cavalli? Absolutely adorable and out of any diagram.

Of course the colors are absolutely the best choice because you can exploit the coolest shades. What are? According to Pantone, fashion colours 2016 there are orange and red, violet radiant orchid, but also blue, green and a wonderful canary yellow, like the model that we propose in this picture.

We have already mentioned the other name of bomber — varsity jacket. These are the classic varsity jackets, those who usually play in shades of blue, white and red, have numbers or letters and sleeves, at times, in contrast. And then, to create a sophisticated and particularly sporty chic (to wear with a skirt or maybe high-heeled sandals), choose the bomber model varsity, a must have fashion spring/summer 2016.