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Again weekend and apparently sunny days and pleasant temperatures, so we will have to take advantage to do something before the cold and permanent rains are installed between us:)

When it comes to choosing wedding dress, not all models feel good, because each person has a body and something that feels good that another is not quite right. That is why today I will give you some guidelines to choose dress according to the type of body of each girl:

Triangle, ie narrow shoulders and broad hips.To hide the hips that better than the skirt is not adjusted, betting for a foul in cut A, cut empire or princess cut. Round neckline, V-neck or strapless neckline.

Inverted triangle, ie broad shoulders and narrow hips.To hide the back we will look for dresses with necklines more closed, wide skirts with details and tight belts. Even draw the attention of the legs with short dresses.

Rectangle, that is, without defined lines. We must enhance the curves by betting on tight dresses, V necklines, strapless or uncovered shoulder. And especially fabrics with vertical lines since they tend to lose weight avoiding round necks, chokers and loose dresses.

Hourglass, that is, curvilinear .

If we have harmonized the part of the shoulders with the hips we are well put any type of dress, here already the tastes will prevail.

Oval , that is, round body. We will choose dress with V-neck or heart, high waist and flowing skirt which will give the feeling of width.

I hope you like it and help you for future brides. Thanks for your comments and visits. Happy day!!

Triangle Body

Inverted Triangle Body

Rectangle Body

Body Hourglass

Oval Body

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