Body Pump Exercise Benefits

Body Pump is a group exercise program designed for endurance, improve strength in the major muscle groups.This is done in connection with the burning of calories as much as possible. Body Pump is given at about 100 sites in the Netherlands. Look at you in a gym environment or who teach Body Pump. On Body Pump uses a barbell.

How a Body Pump class look like?

A lesson lasts sixty minutes. It is seriously advised not to go further. Because all your muscles so heavily used in even greater effort will set in motion a process by which your body muscles withered. In addition, over is always advisable.
A Body Pump class:
Start with a warm up. You use light weights to make your muscles and get your body moving.
The instructor will guide you through your workout. Especially the chest, back, shoulders and stomach muscles are discussed. It may be that you really feel your muscles during exercise “burn”. This is because you use muscles you almost never used.
The last feature of the cooling-down place. This extension and stretch your muscles. As a result, the risk of muscle soreness or injury is minimized.

Benefits of Body Pump

  • With a lesson you burn more than 500 calories
  • Your strength significantly improves
  • Your condition improves
  • Forms and show your muscles
  • To improve bone density, which helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Improve confidence and you feel confident.

Tips for optimal lesson

  • Most of the exercises you do from your back. It is important to prevent back pain, you have the entire lesson, keep your back straight and your shoulders back. If this does not exercise as much as possible at home.
  • Will not make the tough guy hang out directly with heavy weights.Start minimized and take it easy.Try to keep order until after six weeks, increase your weight. So consider doing each 2.5 kilo class on each side and then go after six weeks against 3 or 3.5 kg.
  • In all the exercises you need to keep your joints slightly bent.So don’t be locked.

How often should I take a class?

After the first lesson, you will have a long muscular pains. Not to be discouraged by this. Councils are two to three times a week to participate in a Body Pump class. Try between classes to hold a day of rest.

What do I need?

  • Comfortable sportswear. A broad sport shirt with shorts sports finest
  • Sneakers. Most of the benefit you receive from cross-trainers
  • Water bottle or plastic bottle reviewed by transportint
  • Towel

Prevent injury

Sports course carries risk. Thus, muscle aches or muscle strain. Below are common problems that are described and reasons.

  • Until three or four days to have done after body pump, I still have a problem with my muscles. This may be due to poor or no heating or cooling. If any of these exercises is beaten, the muscles are not well off. This will result in erroneous attempts cause muscle pain occurs. Another reason may be that too much weight is used.
  • I have pain in the lower back. This is caused by incorrect posture during the exercises. All the exercises you can do so from the inside backs. If you like this is not correct, use the back muscles too much. This is going to be overloaded and make the long pain. A long-term injury to the spine can result from here. So use a good attitude!
  • My arms hurt to do so. Drink a glass of picking is not so much that it hurts. This has simply to do with the weight you choose. If it is so bad that any attempt to vibrate all the muscles in the arm or feel pain, choose next time for a kilo less. Listen to your body.