BoCklip or How To Customise Your Ikea Furniture

You have enough that your IKEA furniture is not more colorful? BoCklip offers a solution for the portfolios of Madam and Mister world with his boards available in dozens of colors.

Remember the IKEA Hacking! This activity to distract your IKEA furniture by offering them a makeover by painting, adding wallpaper or pieces of wood, or combining them with other furniture of the Swedish brand.

Now, individuals is no longer the only ones to offer a beauty to their IKEA furniture… There are also professionals!

Young company from being created, BoCklip proposes to dress our IKEA furniture withluxury finishes. However, employment of “luxury finishes” should not scare you since the purpose of BoCklip is to provide the opportunity for all to have home furniture to luxurious appearance.

That your furniture is new or old, BoCklip offers you two ways to get the elegance in your home.

If you already have wardrobes or library, the company will add new plates on old. While if you are buying new things, you’ll need to select only the cells and structures and then chose the facades and accessories on the site of BoCklip.

In addition to a proposed offer to the old or recent furniture, BoCklip company takes into account our different desires in regards to materials by putting at our disposal, laminated surfaces, wood surfaces and brushed metallic surfaces.

Finally to finish on a good note, Bocklip has a wide range of shades. This is a selection of thirteen colours which is offered to us to bring color either in our House, our living room, our kitchen, or our bathroom.

There is now more reason for not giving a little originality to your furniture, even if you’re not manual since BoCklip will do it for you!