Boarding with Bicycle on Trains

Boarding with bicycles on the trains will be released, this Monday (13), by SuperVia, concessionaire that manages the trains. Since 2012, guests can board their bikes on Saturdays, after 2:00 pm, and on Sundays and holidays throughout the day.

According to SuperVia, the novelty is another advance, as it seeks to offer the population a practical and non-polluting transportation. Since the beginning of the liberation, there have been more than 30 thousand shipments.
“Boarding with bicycles on weekdays is part of the transformation we are experiencing and it is a step forward that we are making to make the railway model even more sustainable in a world that is increasingly discussing the protection of the environment. We intend to encourage the population to make this integration in their movements,”says SuperVia president Carlos José Cunha.
In addition, another measure that encourages the use of bicycle and train integration, is the free bike rack installed at the Japeri, Engenheiro Pedreira, Santa Cruz, Realengo, Bangu and Saracuruna stations. They offer a total of four thousand seats and have a small repair shop, air pumps for tire calibration and water fountains. People who do not use the train can also use the bike trails at a cost of $ 1 per day.
Studies carried out by the concessionaire have shown that the bicycle is the main means of transportation used by residents of the Baixada Fluminense and Zona Oeste to reach the stations. Research shows that 77% of the passengers who use the bicycle as a means of transport are going to work, 8% to the school and 5% are traveling to places where they will carry out leisure activities.