Bluetooth Speaker

The devices connected multifunction we begin to know but some are still quite original and this is the case of this new musical bulb Bluetooth Awox StriimLIGHT. Let’s see if this bulb’s worth.

Bluetooth Speaker

Design, appearance

This musical bulb Bluetooth comes in a simple black box. Opening the box, we discover directly the StriimLIGHT of AwoX bulb which is accompanied by a small white remote control, and a user manual.

The musical StriimLIGHT bulb offers a fairly simple design, with a white hull and a speaker surrounded by a strapping of LED for lighting. With a weight of 680 grams and dimensions of 111.5 x 95 x 95 mm, this bulb remains quite large and heavy for a “bulb”. But fortunately, this isn’t just a bulb, but rather a light compound.


For what is of use, there is really nothing simpler. Simply turn on the light bulb StriimLIGHT then pair it via Bluetooth to the smartphone, Tablet turning under iOS or Android or the computer.

This musical bulb gives off a strong, almost blinding light if it is located right in front of it. In some cases, we can not blame him this light output, particularly in a bathroom or in a salon, but in other cases, this power could hurt. On the other hand, when the light is turned off, some LEDs stay lit allowing to use it as a night light, and it can be very useful in a nursery with a lullaby.

In terms of sound, there is nothing extraordinary either. This musical bulb has a 10W speaker but it lacks unfortunately bass which is not surprising. Attention also when you turn it up too, the saturation is soon hear. The speaker will be used mainly on time to soundproof a room at low power or to listen to the radio for example.

Fortunately, this bulb StriimLIGHT is delivered with a remote control. We must find the right angle to decrease or increase the volume, turn on or off the light because it works by infrared which is not optimal for this type.

We will appreciated music broadcast from the smartphone, thanks to Bluetooth technology that works very well on this product. During the test, we found no muting even at a significant distance.


Available on the market at about€ 100, this musical bulb remains a gadget that will be sold to those who are not fans of music but who wishes to get products connected two in one. Unfortunately, the two functions offer this bulb are not perfect, the light is only white on this model. In the end, it deserves to be sold a little bit less expensive compared to its remote control and the average quality of the sound.

To see our video review of the musical bulb Bluetooth AwoX StriimLIGHT: