Blue Dress What Color Shoes to Wear

Blue dress, mix and match the brown ones or black shoes? The solution is simple. Let’s see some simple examples of pairing.

What to wear: brown or black shoes? How many times have we asked this question after wearing a blue dress? So many, yet the solution is trivial, we see all the tricks to better decide which color to wear shoes with a blue suit.

Style Tips, Including 5 Straight Black Brown Shoes And Blue Dress

Given that blue is a color that has many shades and most of them combine well with brown, we see what are the most suitable and advice examples to follow, but we tell you up front that the accessories or a small detail of style play an important role.

With a classic three-piece blue suit matched with a blue shirt we wear brown shoes with one condition, the belt should always be brown even clearer what is important is that there is a detail of the color of shoes. Here is the example in the picture.

Another example, here we have a dark blue double-breasted jacket and pants always a lighter shade of blue, but the shoes are brown, note, however, that even striped tie it on a brown background. As you can see we get back to the accessories for a man of class are important.

There is some time the trend of dressing tone on tone, or wearing sweaters in winter clothes, it is obvious that when you play on the different shades of the same color is best to opt for a beautiful black shoe, the more so in a pinstripe blue wear a black turtleneck. Here are two different looks that show you when you have to opt for black.

But now we take a blue winter frock of Corneliani where is the tie that the shirt are in two different shades of blue, but the shoes are dark brown. The stylish detail where is here? In the clutch lighter brown shoe.

In these two photos instead you will find two different examples of style for summer created by two excellent tailoring Men: Channels and Politicsezine. Classic dresses and two-button jacket, Cifonelli chooses the Navy and combines it all in blue, and rightly opts for the black shoes. Channels have a more youthful look but always opt for a classic white shirt no belt and brown shoes choose, but the tie is brown.

You see how easy are just small tricks of style that you can follow even if the dress and the shoes you buy from Mango or Zara, but do not forget a fundamental rule: if you wear a blue gown for the evening shoes must be black, same rule applies if you are attending a wedding.

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