Cycling Tricks and Tips

Road: objective, resting heart rate and so practice standing starts. Join us in our series of tips that will make you stronger and faster. This is part 3 of 3.

  1. Get a great start
    Practicing standing starts.Place in a heavy gear and roll forward in really low speed.Accelerate 100% effort since with as quickly as possible during 20-30 short ride.Start with three or four sprints and continue to increase to six or seven when you get into snitsa. The first three ball shot is the most important – it is then spurt the message goes from the brain to the muscle fibers. Take the first ball of a time with your dominant leg, and start when the pedal is at 2 o’clock. (more…)

Fashion Ladies Fitness for Winter and Summer

We are in a healthy generation that most people realized the importance of health in our lives to keep us more time living and quality of life. But face it go to the gym gives a sloth is not it? And having to think about some look to wear? But, nothing to go work out done beggar saw? Go anyway to the gym oddly enough is also demotivating reason, so let’s cheer up and choose a very beautiful look to put corpitcho fit. Check out tips from fitness fashion.


Backpacks for Hiking

The brand Exped associated probably the most with inflatable mattress, which is not so strange because Exped is the world leader on that mattress. But in recent years the company has started to develop other innovative products including lightweight backpacks. I have long been looking for a really easy hiking backpack with a little more volume, the problem has been that there have been so many easy hiking backpacks on the Swedish market. I’m not an extreme grams hunters in any way, but I do not like to carry around unnecessary weight, especially not if I should wander too far. Anyway, I got stuck for Exped new backpack Thunder 70, which I think has good weight / volume ratio and at the same time have a stable support system. It really shows the details that developers have thought of, and that has been sensitive to what walkers want.


Parcours Roc des Alpes Marathon

Our site: A motorcyclist who turned the wrong way, a steep walk with the bike on the back and a far too long without water and power. Although it was Calle Friberg a solo victory in French Roc des Alpes Marathon.

These early starters as it often is on the marathon down here, is not a favorite of mine, I admit. It is difficult to get good staff, and be heated so that it can feed into policy fully directly after the start, then it usually starts with a climb.

But today it went alright to get out of bed – especially when it was 20 degrees, and a rising sun at 6:30 am, and the hotel had a cafe au lait, croissants and chokladmüsli. Race high right from breakfast thus. (more…)

Les Mills Grit Training Reviews

Superfit super? Since GRIT maybe something for you. A lesson in 30 minutes, and then burn calories for hours. So read on for more information. Les Mills GRIT consists of three parts. GRIT Cardio GRIT GRIT Plyo and strength. These courses are unique. The last 30 minutes and allows you to go to the extreme. Your instructor will also help and support you, so you just that little extra. All three programs is a full body workout with the top and recovery times. From track one gives you 75 to 100%, and after 30 minutes broken, in a good way. A few hours after the workout will still burn calories. GRIT makes you faster is appropriate, and that you will push your own limits and GRIT is also the fastest way to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass.


Tips and Tricks for Running

When spring comes, many people take to start running. At the beginning of the new year is usually a time when you suddenly see many runners. For many people, “All beginning is difficult.”The good news is that there are many tips and tricks to start running to be a success. A good outfit, a good diet and a realistic training are key factors to get pleasure / keep running and keeping in shape. Running is known as a heavy burden on the tendons, muscles and joints. But with proper precautions to reduce these problems often good. Also supplies run before sharing health.


Water Bottle or Hydration Pack

For each exercise, our body needs an adequate supply of water. During the biking, you need to choose how to transport a soda. There are two possibilities: the water bottles and bags of water. To choose well, focus on practice and on their needs.


The bottles have a lesser capacity than water pockets. For leisure outings of 2/3:00 (according to the outside temperature), a bottle of 900ml will be enough to hydrate. Generally placed in a holder, are very practical because easily accessible during stress. For the longest rides on the road, the bicycles can be equipped with extra water bottle cages or carry a backpack. Traditionally, road cyclists generally prefer the bottle the water pouch, which is bulkier.


Types of Water Bottles

For all water bottles, plastic, aluminum, glass etc. is always the trick when you purchase to rinse or wash them well, or fill them with water and leave it for a while and then throw it to remove odor and flavor again, kind of plastic.

Many walkers or people interested in camping and the great outdoors in general use as a water bottle outdoor classic military water bottles more or less modern. Aside from those employed up to 80 (aluminum water bottles with screw cap attached to it by a chain with cloth lining, followed by similar civilians, 70 years, with “machine”), you can find the classic Italian bottle with cap screw wide aluminum secured by a leather strap, used by the Italian army units until the 90, then replaced by hard plastic internal lining similar American derivation (bag, with fur inside) and mess bowl with built-in aluminum folding handles (stuck on the bottom, was placed with the bottle inside the bag). The bag closes with two eyelets that snap on separate buttons, on the back there are two metal loops to attach to the waist belt waist, (so called A.L.I.C.E. attack = All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment). Modern plastic ones have a similar bag made of cordura with a small pocket used to keep potabilizzanti pads.