Wallpaper Tips for Baby Room

Wallpaper is not new in baby rooms, on the contrary, the colors and graphics printed by this element have already been used and abused by parents when decorating this environment. According to Lilibee creative director Dani Mataresi, what’s new when it comes to baby room wallpaper is an increase in the mix of different prints and colors and the return of some images, such as watercolors. (more…)

Wall Stickers for Decoration-Where to Buy

Currently decorative are a strong trend in decorating environments, smart and modern, a great option for decorating an environment without spending a lot. They are easy to apply and very versatile, with many different colors, sizes and designs, make possible the renewal of the environments and give a special touch without the dirt and the breaking of the reforms, in addition to being much better than the old wallpaper.


Wall Stickers: How to Put

When the years and looked at our House, we see that there’s something missing, something of a different look. So we decided to paint the House, yes that changes a lot, brings a joy and a better visual. But after the House painted, again we look at the walls and we want to decorate them. There is entering what will be shown here. The wall stickers are ideal to change the look and bring satisfaction and fill that vacant space on the wall.


How to Decorate Walls with Stickers

How to decorate the walls with Stickers: we need an original idea to paint and give life to the white walls of our House, tired of doing the usual touch-up painting now let’s see together how we can decorate the walls with beautiful wall decals, wall stickers are used to cover the walls.

The Stickers aren’t just decorations for masonry walls, but on any surface while it is smooth and well cleaned, (mirrors, doors, furniture and appliances). On the market we find a varied choice, very easy to put on and does not require any special experience and even less of a lot of work


Christmas Decoration Stickers

Now it’s  Christmas and, as always, try accessories that distinguish our house from the others, making it unique and special. The stickers are a Christmas decoration that is often used to make all the Christmas and cozy rooms and make the most joyful and lively atmosphere than the other days of the year. Snowflakes, reindeer and snow-covered trees will perfectly decorate your windows, walls or front doors perfectly welcoming all who observe them with the immediate joy and happiness to your guests as well as to your family. Dalani loves the Christmas decorations


Choose a Bathroom Wallpaper

If tiling is long and tedious, that paint the walls limit the impulses of creativity, it is now possible to ask of the wallpaper in the bathroom.

If tiling is long and tedious, that paint the walls limit the impulses of creativity, it is now possible to ask of the wallpaper in the bathroom. A simple and effective idea to rejuvenate the piece to condition however to choose appropriate wallpaper. What subjects to choose for a paper painted bathroom? In a bathroom, the humidity is maximum. Traditional


Wall Sticker FAQs


Wall stickers adhere to all types of surface?
Smooth surfaces are suitable best, lais surface to low texture like orange skin effect are also suitable.
For good results, once the sticker is placed on the wall (keeping the installation transfer film), let stand an hour. Every 15 minutes, press a dry cloth on the surface of the sticker. This will allow the adhesive decombler the imperfections of the wall facilitating the removal of the transfer film.


Dress Up Your Walls

To dress your walls, solutions abound.

The interior goes largely by the atmosphere that you will give to your rooms. Color, material, texture are very important because the wall can absorb or reflect light. Find the style that suits you from the effects of materials like Tadelakt or polished concrete, the effects of paint , but the paint or stickers paper. A brief overview.


How to Put a Wall Sticker

-The installation is carried out on a wall or stand (door, closet, furniture, ceiling…) clean, dry and smooth.

-Preferably: for long stickers to hold them flat with weight you will ask on the corners 24 hours; preferably also to ask two long stickers.

-The equipment necessary, just bring a plastic squeegee (you can find on our store).Otherwise, a credit card used will do the trick for a small sticker. (more…)

5 Cute Children’s Stickers on the Wall

How to choose the most beautiful stickers to the children’s room? What are the themes you choose? Exactly for such needs we have prepared today’s article with an editorial selection of the cutest stickers for children.

Many are so lovely that we bought them ourselves – and it certainly has not kids age – indeed, not even teenagers.

Children wall motifs – a list of the cutest 5

As we came just for this stunt? What was the criteria for cuteness? We started from the most famous themes that appeal to almost all children – animals. Who I love cats, puppies and small giraffe? Perhaps everyone would like to have them at home = and often without any restrictions on their age. The joy we would do well to adults.

Therefore the inspirational article of Relationshipsplus to apply the nursery wall sticker we have the cute little animals. Another interesting wall stickers are creatures. Naughty, provocative and playful. Such would certainly expect in the closet or under the bed. And do not worry – not angry so much as creatures in Monsters, Inc. So this type of motives, we could not in our careful selection omitted.

The final piece to the puzzle are cute toys. They are indelibly associated with our smallest children, and even without them we could not grow. Cars, dolls, Rubik’s Cube, crayons … Whatever what you like little grown up, can probably enjoy it more and more generation. Trends in children’s room decorations does not change much. So today’s article about the loveliness will , with luck, timeless and dlouhobě permanent and valid.


What is Wall Decal Stickers

Wall stickers are still not very familiar way of decoration. Many people resort to traditional wallpaper, for lack of alternative or simply because they do not know what is wall sticker. Think of paper, dab with glue, glued on the entire wall hard is removed, it is durable, has a transparent substrate that fleck its surface effect, etc.

We are facing the challenge to explain what our product is and why it is preferred over wallpaper or some kind of spectacular plaster for example.


Wall Sticker Self Adhesive Wall Decoration Sticker

Wall stickers are designed with bright colors and designs to attract customers. To meet in this short text with some of their advantages and disadvantages. An important feature of wall decals made of self-adhesive film is the quality of materials used. They mainly are placed indoors, but are placed on the exterior walls equally well. Materials and technology for the production of wall stickers are widely used in outdoor advertising. Businesses also use stickers of the same vinyl film – in the form of advertising signs or corporate identity, which can also be constructed and mounted on the wall. Durability of wall stickers is very large and mostly endless.

The compositions are usually sold as a set of several elements, decorating a wall, depending on the size. Compared with older alternatives – painting or wallpaper, freshness which creates literally a few minutes stickers wall is incredible. These stickers sashtestvurat in various designs, such as flowers and animals, decorated with smooth edges and colorful and stylish colors. Easy pasting them on the wall, mirror, glass and why the walls in the bathroom and you’re done! You also have a choice of prepared designs that are offered as composition wall sticker with convenient mounting strip liners for easy and accurate installation of the wall decorated via A2zwallstickers.com.