Vintage vs Fripes

While among experts, this question does not deserve to be raised so the answer is obvious (the pure vintage and hard not flirts with impunity “fripaille”), for the uninitiated and the general public, the distinction may deserve explanation to clear up misunderstandings. Faced with the enthusiasm generated for the vintage, it is common to find that the labels are mixed in the most joyous disorder: retro, second hand, tat, vintage, neo-retro, etc., the proliferation of designations involved in confusion . Not easy to navigate when the backlight means a form of joyous nostalgia for the past, the second hand the state of used objects (whether current or former), the Thrift used clothing, and a vintage accessory or garment remarkable by its quality, especially in reference to an age or a decade.


Retro Fashion Clothing

Moossye: Two big favourites this year, the first for the Venuz, for once a collective meeting of the young designers that highlight the custo and originality, it’s important to note! Preference for the tabs of Zarzar and the guard Laurianne dress, from the factory to bubbles (see Portraits of young stylists for more info)! And then of course, there’s Nikita coming to create Mad Joker, his clothing line / costumes…A real treat!


What to Wear with Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit, overalls, playsuit or Onesie-the iconic one piece which again delights us again this season with fantastic shapes and materials, has many names and speak with as many arguments for themselves: He is mutable, comfortable, stylish and super easy to combine.

Especially fashion lazy have at their pleasure Jumpsuit: Without having to worry too much about combinations must jumpsuit already offers a complete outfit, which must only be supplemented by appropriate accessories. Just jump in and you’re dressed-how convenient !

Whether as an alternative to evening dress, office outfit or cool everyday look-this about stylish swimsuit serve different tastes and occasions, but have you above all the same at first glance as true fashionistas!


How to Identify Vintage Clothing

Most shops of vintage clothing and accessories to offer products today. Many people still think vintage is old, so used or they should get a piece vintage because it is connected. In reality, vintage clothing refers to clothes created between the 1920s and 1970s, even the 1980s Specialty stores vintage clothing vintage clothing consider only the clothes created in 1960 and 1970. Sometimes people refer the vintage clothing retro clothing. This is not necessarily true because such a dress created by a designer range of known world can become a clothing vintage piece after only three or four years from the date it was first presented.


Retro Style Bathroom Ideas

Let it be said, the bathroom trend is not just with clean atmospheres

The modern furnishings in bathrooms is also inspired obsolete universe to hand them up to date. We are witnessing the comeback columns sinks and clawfoot bathtubs. Traditional faucets, wall mixers and showers old instill a vintage sophistication to our contemporary ablutions. The coatings are also returning to traditional parties into disuse to better put them in the bath: tiles subway, cement tiles, wall paint and wallpaper are a blazing return to our room retro yet trendy bathroom.


Hobo Bags Women

Some women wallets, the seasons and collections on Our site:

The wallet is a little in the world of bags, the universal format, ancestral, bag for all-trades. But what may seem pejorative quickly erased when you see what the creators are a simple line-out. That is the talent! We present on this page a little lookbook of the most interesting and unusual wallets models, those which, in any case, most often collected the votes of our customers. Please note, however, many of these models will not be more available at the time of reading; a link will take you, or not, to the shop. They will gradually be our most beautiful pages of archives as a tribute to those who created them and fun for all lovers of women bags. You do not know the brands that we present? Take a look HERE.


Omega Vintage Watches Review

Universal Geneva Polerouter

How can we not talk about it? On 15 November 1954 took place the first commercial flight to pass over the north pole, in order to realize the trip Copenhagen – Los Angeles. Universal Geneva provided automatic watches for pilots of the Scandinavian Airline System (SAS) preparing for awhile to realize these commercial flights. That is why, in the spring of 1954, Universal presented his ‘Polarouter’ (no, there is no typo, the name will change quickly), you understand better now. Designed by Gerald Genta. Other questions?


How to Dress for Catholic Mass

Modesty is a reflection of the inner life of the Catholic and preserves any depravity.

A Catholic who attends Mass must dress modestly and appropriately. Avoid coming to Mass with a vain or too casual attire. We must be respectful and tasteful. One would spare no effort to dress before a cleric or a terrestrial high-ranking official. Why, then, would fall-on the level before the King of kings?


Mens Leather Bomber Jacket

Also known bomber, the bomber jacket is designed to withstand the elements. The most famous model is the pilot jacket type A2, created during the inter-war in 1931. Soon, he was praised by American pilots, especially during World War II and during the Vietnam War . If we find a lot of aviators jackets made of plastic, the original part is leather, a material capable of protecting members of the US Air Force during military operations.


Shift Dress: Trend of Retro Fashion

It is impossible to think of a tube dress without come to mind that classic model immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in the film breakfast at Tiffany’s, the 60s, in this case, Givenchy, which not surprisingly became a fever. In the 90s, the tube dress was brought back, only more equitable and life short. Well, today, with this retro wave, sure that this model would not be left out and returned with the entire scenario, only the redesigned, in a more modern version called: shift dress.


Kristin Davis: Vintage Di Pierre Balmain

After the dress chosen by Sarah Jessica Parker for the party prestigious and absolutely armored which followed the New York Premiere of the most anticipated films of the year at least from the shopping addicts around the world, we look together on what to put down his hands cured the beautiful Kristin Davis. The Charlotte from Sex and the City must be absolutely focused in attracting to whether all the flashing cameras and steal the media attention to colleagues. Definitely a bold choice, even more so when compared to that of Parker that occurred in Elie Saab, one made by Davis, who have depleted all her passion for vintage in long evening dedicated to the first Sex and the City 2.


Ashlee Simpson Vintage Look

Singer Ashlee Simpson is very pretty with this new look, short hair in the style Emma Watson are fine and well for her this radical cut was a success. Ashlee Simpson was in the Decades of Denim Launch Party and wore the look of a modern Twiggy, I love the signed Vintage Chanel suit that contribute to this fresh style but from the retro charm, if you have in mind a radical change of your style, well you can get groped by this!