Look of Carnival with Lingerie: Yes You Can

The Carnival is coming, with promise of revelry, fun and lots of samba in the foot. The relaxation of the time allows you to dare in the visual. It is worth passing glitter on the face, show the skin, put on a costume and even wear lingerie on display in broad daylight. Doubt? So check out these inspirations that will convince you that a carnival look with lingerie is cool! (more…)

Men’s Underwear: Men Invest More in Undergarment than Women

Men boxers. When we had access to the newsletter of trends of Sebrae painted that doubt: is it really that men invest more in private parts than women?

Yes, male vanity really is increasingly present in the life of modern man. In fact, the study shows that men, by buying their men boxers, are judicious in choosing, either in template or in quality and aesthetic beauty of the play, it doesn’t matter if it’s boxer, slip, lace thong or Boxer shorts. (more…)

How Long Uses Your Bra?

In this article we will share with you the ideal period to wear a bra! In addition, learn how time uses this piece can influence your health!

These days, practically every woman wears a bra and know breast comfort and support it provides. It helps you feel better with your outer clothing and safeguards your breasts from exposure and environmental aggressions. More, this prop is also associated with episodes of seduction in your intimate life. (more…)

Shirt and Shorts, Summer

The cutting edge of fashion
The swimsuit, innocuous slip, is a social conquest… and now at the forefront of fashion.
The cutting edge of fashion
Shorts and underwear for every budget
Men Street
Calvin Klein
Dolce & Gabbana
John Richmond
Emporio Armani
The swimsuit is a piece of clothing if accessory that many men fail to take an interest. Fatal error: this innocuous slip is a social conquest… and now at the forefront of fashion. (more…)

Panties and Thongs – How to Choose the Right Cut?

Choice of panties should any woman be given the same attention as when choosing a bra. Figure out what you must give yourself when buying panties and thong beware!

If you have honestly say that you devote more time to choose a bra or panties, she would surely won bra. In doing so properly chosen cut pants can do wonders with the lady’s background. Do you know which cut fits you?


La Perla Underwear Spring Summer

La Perla fashion label also wanted to give us great emotions in these days of fashion shows of Milan fashion week for next spring-summer 2012. Today we closed the new edition of Milan fashion week, which suggested the trend of warmer weather to come. There are many fashion brands who have thought about our beauty, filling the wardrobe of clothing and accessories to be missed. Obviously also the beachwear and lingerie are well represented, also from La Perla fashion brand.

During Milan fashion week for spring/summer 2012, the fashion brand La Perla has paraded in via Clerici, with its collection of women’s fashion for the warm weather to come. We intimate garments but also fashionable beachwear to dress in style for every occasion imaginable. In this frame was also presented the new Couture line of Pearl for Jean Paul Gaultier. (more…)

Matching Bra and Underwear Sets Cheap

You’re in luck, because fashion designers are ready with summer offers stylish, sophisticated, provocative and very different from what underwear, which you encountered so far. Are you ready to get into the recesses of the elegant and sophisticated female erotic vision? Look proposals for erotic lingerie and let’s begin:

✔ Bras

Modern bras category erotic lingerie are not just cut. Incisions are of innovative and interesting, as the cup already is neither round nor flared diagonally. You will be able to enjoy the unique offerings in the form of heart on bridzhitka with plunging neckline, and even with parallel arranged cups, of which slightly will submit nipples. The double and triple straps are definite hit, as the most attractive designs with pandas, butterflies and even whole ornaments made of beads and sequins. Satin and tyulat remain the most preferred materials, but if you shake harder, you can find genuine leather bras, and even velvet sports bra.


Lingerie for Pregnant Woman

Get pregnant does not mean losing the sensuality and having to wear underwear dull and you don’t value the female body. Quite the contrary. Pregnancy is a time of major bodily changes, in that the woman must have the self-esteem strengthened. The use of special underwears, highlighting the strengths of pregnant women in the various gestational, will really make you do the future mom feel good about yourself and more confident. Stay on top of it and check out lingerie models for pregnant woman.