Fashion T-shirts for the Whole Family

Daddies, mommies, chicks, filhotas, aunties … get ready because today our post is recheadooo of fofurices we are going to go crazy the whole family! You’ve noticed how the trend of children’s clothes inspired by adult fashion is becoming increasingly strong and gradually comes conquering all generations? Many brands have manufacture clothes identical, or similar, often in adult and child sizes. So, mothers/fathers and sons can use the same look, making the greater grace and standing out wherever you go! Among women, the mother-daughter relationship that was previously only share the same times, today is also to share the same tastes in fashion. Currently there is a large number of super moms bonded to the fashion universe and question their small also follow it. Whether in the outfit, in colors or prints, the fact is that the trend “like mother, like daughter” is a charm and has become popular even among the famous and their filhotas! And was taking advantage of this wave, which the partners Jaqueline Mathur and Joelma Bajrami pitched everything on MINI MINI ME, a brand that brings together fashion t-shirts for the whole family! (more…)

Great Sizes Online

To acquire large sizes online was almost impossible in earlier times (ie about 10 years ago).Although some vendors had XXL fashion in their offer, this was however very wide and consisted only of a few pants and jackets.In addition, the somewhat more seductive people always complained that the manufacturers had not placed sufficient value on the optics.If a piece of clothing had once ideally fit, the look left something to be desired.Meanwhile the times have changed a lot.Thus, not only in cities exist special oversize shops, especially the Internet knows with a relatively large assortment in numerous online shops to convince. (more…)

How To Wear Shorts With White Blouse And Ankle Boot

Make A Look Look Comfortable With This Combination Of Jeans With White Shirt And Short Boot

Hello guys!

For a lot of people, the shorts have already replaced the pants, after all it can go almost everywhere. They are always a charming option to compose the look, considering that the short jeans every year gets new clothes. Not to be missed, the sure combination is undoubtedly the white blouse and ankle boot.

Nowadays there are various models of this piece jeans, with tacks, spikes, torn, pockets and lining appearing and customized, so the combination with the boots ankle boots makes the look even more complete and stylish.

At first it may seem incoherent, since short is a short piece and the boot is to warm, but the combination becomes warm with pantyhose with the thinnest yarn and in dark colors in the autumn season and the thicker with yarn 40 or 80 for the winter.

To combine a look that combines the versatility of the boot with the stripped style of jeans shorts, bet on the white blouse, which is the maximum joker of any look.

To complete the look with short jeans, the options are numerous: leather jackets, aviator jacket, blazers, denim jackets, coats, trench coat, long sleeve shirt, plaid shirt, jeans shirt, 4 in vests, in heavy trousers, with scarf and hat and even in knit sweaters.

In fact, shorts and boots can have different productions from the time or place you plan to go, but do not be afraid to wear short jeans in the winter. Knowing how to ride, the combinations look beautiful. Check out these more general tips:

If it is for a casual look, for shopping or casual walking, you can wear shorts without socks and preferably a short heeled boot; White blouse and more colorful accessories for a cheerful look.

For the evening, you can make the same combination and invest in more tidy accessories like a maxi necklace, gilded, scarf and structured coat.

Be careful with the length of the piece, since very short shorts and high heel without sock, do not even think! It will result in an unfavorable look, and look vulgar.

If you want a casual chic look with a shorts, invest in the thicker stockings, preferably without designs to not emphasize the volume of the legs (unless that is the intention) and are always the same color as the boot.

For that has thick leg, the color of the shorts more indicated would be the ones of dark wash combining always with the ankle boots.

Do not mix light sock with dark boot or otherwise light boot or colored with dark sock. This mixture of colors will flatten the look, attract attention and increase what you do not want.

Short jeans look tips

Short black jeans with white t-shirt and ankle fringe boot

Short jeans with white tank top, leather jacket and sports ankle boot

Short jeans with white blouse, plaid shirt, dark pantyhose and black ankle boot

Short jeans with loose white blouse and ankle boots with spikes

Short dark jeans with white shirt, long coat and ankle boot peep toe

Short jeans destroyed with white printed t-shirt and sports ankle boots

Short jeans with pocket appearing with white shirt and light ankle boots

Short jeans boyfriend with white shirt and V neck sweater

Short jeans with white t-shirt, jeans shirt and ankle boot

Short jeans with loose white blouse, blazer and ankle boot peep toe

Short ripped jeans with dark thong pantyhose, white blouse with details and neckerchief

Combine your jeans shorts with white blouse and ankle boot, which will always be fashionable this winter.

You find several pieces of sweatshirt jeans in the Conscience Jeans store. Visit the Jeans Store at Brás at Mendes Junior Street, 395 or at Xavantes Street, 173 in São Paulo or find a reseller in your city, see here.

12 Suggestions for Sneakers to Blockbuster Looks!

The versatility of the sneakers make them the constant companions in various looks, thanks to the amazing designs that have taken care of the Windows, leaving the sneakerheads freaks. Traditional All Star of Converse are a great example of how a shoe can be stylish without being flashy, opening an extensive range of combinations. Here are some examples of models that yield good looks:


How to Choose T Shirts

After talking to one of the essential parts of the male wardrobe, to the sweet name of John (see this article), I will dwell on another basic. And basic of all the more significant that it perfectly does the job associated with jeans with sneakers. I’m obviously talking about the shirt. And Yes, the shirt is the most accessible part of the menswear, and also one of the most cools. Because there are an infinite number of possibilities for t-shirts, depending on the cut, fabric, color, patterns, and Jean past. The problem is that there is lot of stuff not terrible too. So here are my small tips of grandmother to learn how select a tee shirt man, which takes time and which is not too ridiculous.


How to Style a White T Shirt

An important event, a special evening, a sudden invitation and here l ‘ anxiety outfits axle forcing us to experience everything we have in the closet with all the possible combinations.

The classic scene sees us busy for hours in front of the wardrobe select all the matches, then testing the mirror with a lot of show for advice (which is regularly ignored) to parents and boyfriends, in extreme cases even you have time to make a run downtown to buy that dress that would be seen in the window just perfect for the occasion.


Maternity Fashion Tips

  1. What is the difference between leggings covering the belly and leggings below the belly?

Leggings covering the belly suits to be worn under a dress. As there is no edge elastic at the hips, legging it will not be visible through the dress. Leggings beneath the belly has an elasticated edge below the belly, providing some support to the belly; it is comfortable if you want to wear short layers on your belly.


Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

  1. Some T-shirts or dresses have a certain top incorporated, what is it?

These T-shirts or dresses have a breastfeeding function. Top embedded helps you to breastfeed discreetly. If you pull the shirt to the side at chest level, and raise a bit the top embedded, you release the power within to breastfeed. Noppies the bras have a handy clip that stands with one hand in order to lower the cap in order to breastfeed.


3 Ways to Wear Leggings

Like I told you a few days ago, Isabel Marant collaboration with H & M only excited me very late and very late I hear the day I discovered the most importable piece in the collection I named: the sequins leggings .

Naturally, thereafter, other things have suddenly embedded in my wish list, but the real thunderbolt, the real target was the sequin leggings.
My mother hates, hates Prisca, my guy hates Victoria hates the sound of clashing sequins soon as I pass it, but I, with I feel like in a clip of Selena Gomez. Or Cher, it depends.

How to Wear a Cardigan


God bénissz the person who invented this piece! Every man should have at least 2 or 3 in her wardrobe so that room can be helpful.
You never close the top button of her cardigan! As for a jacket or blazer.
This vest that is predominantly found in wool also available in silk, linen, cotton, alpaca, cashmere, mohair and is often subject to material mixtures (including those mentioned above)


Isla Fisher: a Nova Rainha Do Riso

Isla Fisher is the star of the film The Consumer Delights of Becky Bloom, where she lives Rebecca Bloomwood, a charming young but incorrigibly consumerist. She just can not stop buying designer clothes.

Ironically, she gets a job in a finance magazine and finds herself giving her readers economic advice while she herself does not control her budget. The talented Hugh Dancy plays Becky’s boss, Luke Brandon, who falls in love with her, though they seem to have nothing in common.

Based on the best selling books by Sophie Kinsella, the film was directed by PJ Hogan and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Also participating in the cast are consecrated names such as: Kristin Scott Thomas,

John Lithgow, Joan Cusack, John Goodman, Krysten Ritter and Leslie Bibb.

Isla, 33, was born in Oman and grew up in Australia, where she began her career as a TV commercial actress at the age of nine. His first novel was Home & Away and his filmography includes: Scooby-Doo, Huckabees – Life is a Comedy, Good Spout Penetras, The Lookout and Three Times Love.

Dazzling, full of style, with red hair hanging from her shoulders, smiling Isla reveals herself in this humorous chat.

What did you feel when you faced your first protagonist?

It was amazing! And I enjoyed every minute of it. When I heard that I had gotten the job, I was electrified and only then did I think of the responsibility that would have to set the tone of the film. I also worried because I was playing Becky Bloomwood, a character who is loved by millions of readers around the world. Sophie Kinsella’s books are great hits.

How did you get the part?

I was pregnant with my daughter when I went to a meeting about the role with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director PJ Hogan. I explained that I was a big fan of books and talked a little about Rebecca Bloomwood and what I found interesting about her. I remember thinking the meeting went well, but when I left the office and Jerry’s secretary said to me, “Wow, did you stay there a long time?” I thought, “Oh, really.” And I got the part.

Jerry describes you as the new Lucille Ball.

I found it very nice of Jerry to say that, and also a bit terrifying the responsibility of being compared to Lucille. But, wow, I adore her, she’s very funny, she’s fantastic. I grew up watching the show I Love Lucy on TV.

“It’s amazing to be compared to Lucille Ball. I grew up seeing I love Lucy!”

How do you analyze Becky’s attitudes?

She is shallow in certain respects, with all that craze to buy, but I have also focused on the positive qualities she possesses, because Rebecca is very charming.

You like shopping?

No. I shop poorly and rarely. But still I can understand the sense of wonder Becky feels about the stores.

The costumes in the film are fabulous.

Did you get any of those pieces? I did not have any of the clothes. I thought secretly: “I hope to win some of these models ??”. I did not win. But in the end I was happy to say goodbye to it all and feel that I had fulfilled my mission.

Was there a favorite outfit?

I loved the pink Prada skirt that’s on the movie poster, with a pink Prada T-shirt and a fur coat and gloves. I found it quite classic but also unusual and sensual.

How would you describe your own style?

What I like is comfort first. But I think you can be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Short boho style shirts, jeans, sneakers and sandals.

Do you like getting dressed for the red carpet?

It’s a lot of fun, there’s a lot of pomp on the red carpet. You have to do your hair and make-up, people adorn you. They make artificial tan. Hire a stylist who brings a macaw to beautiful dresses and you try everyone and choose one. I always try to gravitate towards Calvin Klein and I adore Stella McCartney.

“I always try to gravitate toward Calvin Klein and I love Stella McCartney.”

Do you see yourself primarily as a comic actress?

No, I was mostly thinking of myself as a dramatic actress and focused on dramatic, serious roles until Sacha, my partner, told me: “You’re so funny, should you do more comic roles?” I then called my dad and asked him, “Dad, do you think I’m funny?” And he said, “I think. Are you the family clown ?? ”

Is that why you made Becky so comical?

Becky might be a fool and I always felt at ease with my idiot side. I do not care. I really like physical comedy. I also like to get an idea and suggest to the director. For example, there is a scene in the movie where I do a dance with a fan, in order to seduce Luke. The character thinks that the dance is very sensual, but, in fact, it is ridiculous! I suggested this to PJ and he included the dance in the film.

Who makes you laugh?

Goldie Hawn is my favorite, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Peter Sellers, the Monty Python group and, of course, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Are you happy with the direction of your career?

I am very satisfied, very happy with everything: my family and the career that I have. I always felt a secret hope that I would achieve success. But now that I’ve got it, I can hardly believe it’s happening. I’m just as surprised as anyone else who sees himself in a poster, starring in this movie. The only disappointment is that with all this, I could not get even a little higher…

Plus Size Clothes Malwee

Currently, are increasing the choices in plus size clothing. That’s because the leading names of the manufacturing industry realized that this audience is large and that men and women want to dress in style, without those unsightly parts of old. The Malwee was one of the first to invest in this segment and their clothes reflect the desires of people who are overweight, but not so much want to use anything that they serve. Meet some plus size clothing Malwee, collection big hugs.


Pants Leggings Sets Tips and Photos

Count on a basic garment, stylish and matching the most different looks is always great, for these reasons women can’t resist the leggings that never go out of fashion and that are present in the wardrobe of women of different ages and styles.

The pants legging sets 2014 bring many models where the most views will be the: striped, bicolored, gradient, floral, black, galaxy, ethnic, Leopard print, colorful and cirré which can also be considered a type of leggings and that are part of the visual common and famous women.