Fashion Sunglasses Trend!

If you have an accessory that I love passion is sunglasses! In the same way as have the sets of clothes, also has the fashion for glasses. I love the colored, mirrored, because they give a tcham in look, it changes the mood of our day instantly! The most desired models right now are those of Fendi, Dior, Illesteva and others but, each more fashion and daring than the other! Remember those mirrored lenses that have been considered over? Today they returned in different colors:blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, there are many shades and patterns. (more…)

Round Sunglasses: Vintage Fashion Is Back!

Sunglasses are more than just accessories, every day they get more space in the wardrobe and has featured guaranteed at look, nowadays we are virtually changing glasses according to the mood, and there are so many models that it is easy to assemble the collection But if you are like me you want to be always in fashion, you’ll A-M-A-R today hints. The years 60 and 70 are dominating fashion, there can be no doubt, so of course it couldn’t be different this time, the glasses of the moment are the bubble, you know that model which is one of the strongest features of John Lennon, Rita Lee, only in a larger size as it is he is with tuuuuuuudo, and the best? Will continue PUMPING in the summer that is almost knocking our door (all love ♥). (more…)

Sunglasses Winter

Winter also requires the use of sunglasses, both for solar protection, as for visual production. Summer combines ever brighter frames the winter requires darker colors and frames. Check out the sunglasses trends for winter 2012.

Why Wear Sunglasses In The Winter

Many people find that the sunglasses are indispensable accessories only in summer, but it’s not exactly so. These wonderful pieces in addition to allow a much more beautiful, are very important for protection against the Sun’s rays, which are present also in winter.

The sunglasses protect the eyes of visible light, the action of UVA and UVB and clarities. They even help in protecting the eyes against the wind, dust and other debris that can cause problems.

Sunglasses Winter 2012

  1. Glasses with mirrored lenses: these models have conquered the streets and reflect on fashion runways for several seasons. These glasses are used in the most varied shapes and tones the look of circulating New York, London, Milan and Paris, and are excellent bets for winter from all over the world.
  1. round glasses: the round or with rounded frames were the trend in summer and also in winter remain. The look became the main bet of glasses for winter 2012, would make up a visual treatment.
  2. coloured Frames:the colorful frame models also remain in the winter, but they must be accompanied with more sober and dark looks. The important thing is to use your imagination to combine with the winter clothes.
  3. retro style Sunglasses: these models are still high and are excellent choices for letting the look modern and beautiful. This model cannot lack in the closet this winter.
  4. Butterfly style Glasses: for those who like big glasses is the right time to use and abuse of this template that covers much of the face. These glasses make up a modern and very chic, being a great option for winter.
  5. Glasses of kitten: continue to be timeless, and fall very well in all seasons. The frames with more than one color are also great options.

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Has already been proven that the use of sunglasses is important both in summer and in winter. In addition to compose a visual beautiful, also protect the eyes against the Sun’s rays and other environmental debris brought by the wind. Therefore, choose the template that will suit you best, combine with the look of winter and storm.

Yves Saint Laurent Is the Subject of Two Biopic

Yves Saint Laurent does not need presentations: his presence in the fashion world of clothing and glasses of degree and sun remains imposing, even though he is no longer among us. The world lost this celebrity in 2008 and by 2013, there are already people willing to pay homage to its existence on the screen. The French fashion designer of the most fashionable glasses is the theme of nothing less than two biographies. (more…)

Glasses or Lenses?

At other times, realize that you couldn’t see more what was written on the blackboard, or couldn’t see the number of the bus until he was very close, was a tremendous hassle and you see complaining about having to wear glasses and finish your look. But today this is no longer seen as a concern. The horn-rimmed glasses have become a fashion item super loved by women, many famous also adhere the look modern and leave it with that intellectual air.


How to Sunglasses

Before, we dared not necessarily wear sunglasses. It was too star, it was too “j’me tells it.” Today is truly an essential accessory. So, we can even see people wearing the night! Anyway, who says a must, said that should not be mistaken. Summer is approaching and you still do not have your pair of the season? We will help you choose the perfect sunglasses for your face…


How to Turn Your Watch into a Compass

When you lose your sense of direction, but you don’t have a compass, you can help each other through a standard wristwatch, to locate the four cardinal points (North, South, West and East) and regain the lost road, with a little good will. Surely, this situation cannot happen in the city, but in many other circumstances (such as the case of mushroom seeker in a forest or a hiker who took a shortcut). In the following quick and easy guide that you’ll go to stating immediately in the next steps, I will explain very briefly, but in detail, how we must ingeniously transforming the clock into a useful compass.


How to Dress in a Heatwave

This summer, do not suffer the disadvantages of heat: we have some tips to help you dress during extreme heat and thus better endure.

If the heat makes you want to live in birthday suit, you are probably less enthusiastic about being arrested in the street for public indecency. Conclusion: you have to wear clothes, even 40 ° C! But history will not be mistaken for reality TV candidate (include wearing a denim shorty, a bikini top and shoes with platform), we give you some tips for dressing in case of heat-and keep your dignity. Types of clothing, materials, colors … here’s what to remember the dresscode summer.


Diy for Girls Sunglasses

After school time to pull off all the fancy imaginable to keep kids occupied, keep them active and do not make them boring, apart from salt dough and corn and chores with synthetic paste you can also focus on simpler things.

A simple tutorial is to make glasses to girls funny and irreverent, perfect for letting him spend an afternoon full of DIY, building among other things something they can use. (more…)

Italia Independent Glasses

Italy Independent showcases its eyewear models in the Netherlands, at the ‘Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Not just fashion accessories as may be of sunglasses, but also its new collection of helmets. All with a novelty: it is the first lines of glasses and photo luminescent helmets. But not only Italy Independent, which was also the sponsor of the final party of the Amsterdam Fashion week, also presented a Unique Edition of glasses for Club BRILLANT.Many news are boiling in the pot of Lapo Elkann! (more…)

Choosing Sunglasses in Her Complexion

You can sunglasses to wear for all occasions. Or on the beach to show the eyes from the sun, or at night to protect their friends. The sunglasses give a touch of whimsy to a swimsuit. But how to choose sunglasses according to their skin color? To answer this question, we will give you some tips to learn how to choose your sunglasses to your complexion.

They have dark skin

If you have dark skin, sunglasses with yellow frames are perfect for you. You can also opt for the orange-red frame, khaki, navy blue or ivory. If you have a preference for metal frame, you should such gold metal, copper or bronze metal metal. If you are a sunglasses covered with scales frame, choose golden brown or blond shades. The bright colors go with brown.


New Trends in Sunglasses in 2016

Short winter is slowly but surely swung into a pleasant spring – as a variation wardrobe comes time for replacement glasses. What are the latest trends for this year?

Like in previous years, this year the designers for inspiration turned mainly to the past. You could say that for prescription frames and sunglasses will not find in this year’s trends, not fundamental differences. Perhaps only in the segment of spectacles it is still a kind of the area disunity fashion eyewear and region milder classic frames, both in color and shape, regardless of whether a bound glasses celoobruby or flanges drilled.


Aviator Sunglasses Fashion Trend

Sunglasses is no longer a tribute to the fashion trend, but a necessity. Quality sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun is too bright and delicate skin around the eyes. In addition, the glasses have a guarantee that will not soon wrinkles covered his face because they often emerge from sun.
How to choose the right model and also points to stay in the trend? We have to pay attention to the classic models remain in use for several decades. Famous models were representatives of sunglasses, drops, or as they are called historians fashion, “The Aviator”.


How to Determine the Original Designer Sunglasses

To maintain healthy eyes and preventing wrinkles around them must protect them from the blinding sunlight. It is for this purpose and invented sunglasses. There is no doubt that we must not only be stylish and beautiful, but also quality and safety. Therefore it is best to buy only branded sunglasses. The winning companies care about their reputation because they ensure the protection of the eyes from UV rays and can boast the most modern design.

Brand Women’s Sunglasses

Among the most popular on the domestic market of branded sunglasses for women are: