Clothes Tips to Use in Lawn(in Cold Weather)

In the period in which we traveled the temperatures oscillated between 6 ºC  to 23 ºC .

For the first two days I believed that my ride would not yield beautiful photos, due to the fog and thin rain that fell on the city of Gramado( 6 ºC   to  10 ºC). On the other days we were able to get cooler temperatures( 10 ºC   to   16 ºC). And the sun only appeared in fact the last, we were coming home( 21 ° C   to   23 ° C). (more…)

Traditional X Slim Fit Suit: Which Is Better?

Some find the classic suit unbeatable, others find the modernity of cut slim fit perfect, but weighing in the balance the qualities and the flaws of the two options of men’s formalwear, which would come out a winner? Below we expose a brief comparison that can help you ponder about it, but it’s always good to remember that everything is a matter of style and need, so even if one is better than the other, at the end of the account that matters is which one fits best in your routine! (more…)

How to Tie a Scarf

One of this fall’s fashion is the scarf for men, scarf, we have always had, but before the cold really strikes, we’ll see a lot of scarves

The scarf is a recurring trend, some years ago, we saw lots of scarves for men, and now it is fashionable again. To get the scarf that remain are no problem, but the actual appearance differs greatly between different knots. Below is a simple infographic on how to tie a scarf on 4 classical way.


How to Wear a Scarf for Male

If you want to cover the neck, however, we recommend you make  a cross: put the scarf as in the only precedent that instead of twist it around around the neck, with the longest side take a little knot that goes from the inside out .This is the most classic way to all! If you want to play it safe with the coverage of your neck, then it is appropriate to  put the ring scarf: maybe, let him take a tour around your neck so that it is more in line! But the methods to put the scarf certainly do not end here ! We have the so-called  method heater stomach, you can do only with particularly long scarves! After putting on the neck scarf, crossed the two ends in the stomach and bind them behind his back with a knot: the effect is nothing short of comfortable!


Louis Vuitton Stoles and Shawls

The Christmas is now almost upon us and I bet many of you are already thinking about what to receive as a gift for the upcoming holiday season. If you are a fan of Louis Vuitton, but you do not want to receive the usual handbag, you can always take a look at the new collection of stoles and shawls fashion house. In winter, in fact, it is always good to cover up and maybe if you do not like wool because it is too rough, you can opt for a beautiful silk shawl, decorated with typical motifs of the Parisian fashion house. (more…)

Maternity Fashion Ideas for Winter

For all those that are already frozen but did not want to make a heart attack to their banker, here are five tips for the cold weather pregnant without breaking!
Tip 1: The overlay

Do you know that it is better to increase the layers of tissue rather than bundle up in a big jacket for the cold weather? Solution that will fix all those who at 1 month of childbirth, do not necessarily want to invest in a coat special maternity. Then we overlay! Sweater + leather jacket open and a big jacket oversize to keep bottle warm! (more…)

How to Wear a Scarf with a Pin

Associate a PIN and a scarf works great and very elegant. It’s a good way to keep in place a scarf and at the same time put a key styles to your look. Here are some ideas for a successful partnership!

A look class effortlessly

For those who wish to accessorize their little tailor to go to the office, then nothing better than to ask a thin scarf around the neck. You can pass under the collar of the shirt or even directly around the neck, especially if you have a round collar or Turtleneck Sweater. The scarf should fall equally on the chest, then instead of making a style tie knot, simply close the sides of the scarf at the level of the glottis or slightly below. So, maintain your scarf, stitch the PIN so that it holds the two pieces of tissue. A very chic and elegant effect while being very original and feminine. (more…)

Scarf for Every Man

Role scarves in winter and autumn outfit

The most important thing before započneš adventure titled scarf and I, is to realize what role has stated complement the outfit to perform. Decision is very important, but not complicated – the possibilities are in fact only two. Scarf can be seen as a focal point that attracts attention, or it elegantly integrated into the outfit as another layer.