Review: Samsung TV Monitor Series 7 (T27B750LB)

Continuing our series of electronic reviews, this time we had the opportunity to experience everything the Samsung 7 Series LED TV Monitor (model T27B750LB ) from Samsung has to offer.

Announced at the beginning of last year , during CES 2012 , this device arrived on Brazilian shelves to offer a solution that combines characteristics of the best televisions and monitors of the Korean company. (more…)

Samsung ST150F in the Test

Smarter flask for the masses: the Samsung ST150F serves the mainstream taste. In the test, we provide the qualities of the digital camera to the test.

The Samsung ST150F is a small, elegant, and approximately 130 grams easily. In the pretty white design which acts by Samsung as a “smart camera” dubbed digital camera not very “technical”, more like a great accessory. And kind of reminds in this simple elegance almost the devices of the computer manufacturer Apple on it. (more…)

Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch

Despite the focus on fitness, Gear Fit is also useful in day-to-day life.
At this year’s MWC, Samsung has announced two new smartwatches: one is the second version of Galaxy Gear, with changes made from user feedback. The second, the Gear Fit, a smart clock focused on exercises, but still useful for those who do not exercise so much thanks to their connection to the smartphone.
I spent the last week using Gear Fit and then I tell you what the experience was like. (more…)

Smart Watches Are Round to Seduce Consumers

They all have one goal: that the smart watches meet their customers out of the niche of tech junkies

Smart Watches, stars of the 2015 Edition of the great electronic lounge IFA to Berlin, opt for classic round box to differentiate the model (square) of Apple and trying to seduce the clientele.

Samsung, Motorola, LG, Asus, and Huawei will present the biggest technology salon in the world their latest models of ‘ smartwatches ‘, these clocks that enable, among other things, monitor the heartbeat, receive notifications, read SMS or see who’s calling on the mobile phone.


How to Choose a Cell Phone Screen Protector

The key element of a phone is its display. The vast majority of today’s devices are fully controlled through a touch interface and few are those who retain a keyboard. Fashion being what it is, their size is increasing year after year. At the launch of the iPhone first name, 3.5 inches seemed to be a liberal value. Except that since the PHABLET arrived and it became normal to cross slabs of 5.5 to 6 inches.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus

In the swirl of information emerging almost daily in connection with the Galaxy S7, evleaks today released a list of names that should settle the S7 lineup for 2016. Few real surprises but some confirmations that we have already reported in earlier articles. In particular the S7 range will consist of:

  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Plus
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S7 Edge Plus

As we can see, it is a famous seer of products which reflects almost equal the choices made this year with one exception: the Galaxy S7 Plus. (more…)

LoopPay’s CEO Explains the Compatibility of Samsung Pay with POS

This was the year of payments from mobile devices. Samsung, Apple and Google they debuted with their “Pay” systems that allow you to make in-store purchases securely and contact-less, simply “crawling” smartphone payment terminal dedicated.

Samsung’s approach differs from that of the other two competitors and has a substantial advantage, at least in this period of transition that is providing a great initial success in the service. Samsung Pay is also compatible with old magnetic ones without POS NFC. (more…)