Pedaling for the Future Forms Cyclists in the PR Region

Today, social project teaches children and teenagers to pedal; In the long run, the goal is to turn traffic into a more secure environment.

With more than 700 children attended in 2014 and with the goal of reaching two thousand beneficiaries by the middle of this year, the Cycle School Pedaling for the Future “enables” students of Ribeirão Preto and region in “cyclists” and, from the sport, Promotes physical activities with educational, transmitting traffic education.


By Bicycle, Brazilian Couple Conquer the Himalayas

Three continents, at least 15 countries and 35 thousand kilometers to be covered on two wheels. Nothing, not the lack of money to spend the whole trip, nor the most disappointing comments of some people close, made the businessman Alexandre Garibaldi, 31, give up the dream. Next to his girlfriend, physical trainer Luciane Derrico, 28, the adventure became reality four months ago, when the couple left Sao Paulo (SP) towards Ushuaia, Argentina, the city known as the ‘end of the world’.


Pedaling is Great Activity to Lose Weight

When Practiced Outdoors, Activity Has Higher Caloric Expenditure

Cycling is a powerful aerobic exercise, which leads to an average loss of 700 calories per hour, a greater amount than that achieved with walking, swimming and dancing.Therefore, it is a good option of physical activity for those who want to lose weight. Even because at the same time that it eliminates pounds, it tones the muscles of the legs and the abdomen. In addition, it can be practiced in the street or in the gym. The differences between outdoor and indoor modalities start with energy expenditure, 50% higher in the open air, according to a survey by the State University of Santa Catarina.


I want to Start Pedaling: Where do I Start?

I want to start pedaling. Where do I start? From the beginning of course. But what is the first step. The first step is the basis of everything.

Imagine the following situation: you go out to buy a shoe. When asking the seller to show you a particular make or model. What is the first question she asks you? That’s right: What number do you wear? The same thing happens when we buy clothes. A size 42 Jeans can show differences in leg length or waist width when we vary the model or brand.


Cycle Tour Ends Month of Physical Activity and Health

Elected by the United Nations (UN) as the most environmentally sustainable transport on the planet, the bicycle has numerous advantages. In addition to not consuming fuel, pedaling offers the rider more quality of life and combat sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, in this month in which the World Days of Physical Activity and Health are celebrated, the City Hall of Vitória will make a great health promotion action on Sunday (26), which will involve a cycling tour, zumba and capoeira class and orientation on The proper use of cycle paths, cycle paths and sidewalks of the capital.


Garmin Announces Vector ™ 2 and Vector 2S

Simple And Dual Power Sensor With The Pedal Arrives Redesigned And With New Cycling Dynamics; Models Will Be In Brazil In June

Garmin Brazil, the world leader in satellite navigation, has just announced the launch of Vector 2 and Vector 2S, the new generation of innovative pedals based on power measurement, one of the most reliable ways to measure rider performance. Like its new predecessors, Vector 2 and Vector 2S measure power directly on the pedal, where the force is applied and thus provides more accurate results.


Update Guide of ParanÁ

In order to train for our next bike trip, we decided to go through the circuit of  the Paraná Guide again  and update the spreadsheets.

Four years after the first edition, we realized that little change has taken place in the circuits we are planning. Strictly, we have not seen any situation in which an attentive cyclist would actually be lost. Anyway, we note down all the corrections we deem important. Just go to our page, download the free update, print or, from the screen of your computer, make the changes as indicated in the text file in “pdf”:out site.