Marsala – Trend Color

Have you heard? The new year is full of energy, because an earthy Burgundy called Marsala is the trend colour by 2015. Now, to the color of the year, she was named by PANTONE color specialist. The company based in the United States develops color systems, is working with those in the graphics and printing and providing that for example, distinctive corporate colors always look the same, no matter on which paper or surface. Since PANTONE colors are always reproducible by a unique code. Trend forecast and analysis of the color market a luminary PANTONE is not only in the field of printing, also in the area of furnishings and fashion is based on the color specialists. (more…)

By Blog to Blog-Nissi Mendes Wears Jewelry Jewelry Pirates

If you diligently read our blog, then I am almost certain that this is the only one that you regularly read. Of course, blogs are nowadays not more away to think and give much pleasure the bloggers and their readers. We are very proud that we must be present for the first time in a non-blog with our great jewelry. And we wouldn’t want to deprive of course the great photos you: (more…)

Fashion Camp di Milano

Arrival in Milan on Thursday, a day before the Fashion Camp for a ride in this city for me and still new to be discovered. As a good tourist vague around the streets of the center, jumping from one tram to another, with Ylenia, my friend and colleague trusted trips looking around curiously. Then in the afternoon I had a chance to make a first turn at the steam factory while they were going on the final preparations for the event … we were a bit ‘snuck in truth, but I could immediately understand that the next day there would be Fashion Camp was a really fantastic: the preparations were almost complete but already fabulous.


Get Married in Pants

Cross-legged or in combination, the bride pants has to seduce the young brides. Selection of the most beautiful alternatives to the traditional wedding dress.

No, all women do not dream a princess dress to the Cinderella for their marriage, though instead. They prefer to ease foolproof or they would like to detach traditions, some brides make the bold choice of pants. Booming


White Coat Outfit

Today finally arrives as promised the outfit post in which I will show you wearing my new white coat, which I here have raved about. 🙂 Granted it fits weather technically not as good as it was, at least up to 27 ° C in many parts of Germany today, but it looks like, tells me the weather forecast for the coming days (apart from tomorrow) cooler, yet summery temperatures at.
Hopefully I can get my new achievement finally again tighten, because in the last few weeks I came to be honest, hardly so.  (more…)

GYM CLOTHES–Complete Guide!

Buy Cheap Gym Clothes Or Invest A Little More? What Clothes Do I Need To Buy First? Learn All About Gym Clothes Here!

The Academy’s clothes have never been as evident as now. The quest for a healthier lifestyle has been increasing and it has shaken the market. But many people don’t have as much information about what to buy, what to wear to work out, what clothing is best suited for which mode, and in times of internet where the provision of information is very high we need to select our sources to not fall into snares.