Maternity Fashion Tips

  1. What is the difference between leggings covering the belly and leggings below the belly?

Leggings covering the belly suits to be worn under a dress. As there is no edge elastic at the hips, legging it will not be visible through the dress. Leggings beneath the belly has an elasticated edge below the belly, providing some support to the belly; it is comfortable if you want to wear short layers on your belly.


What Not to Wear during Pregnancy

As we have not yet hired Christina Cordula as columnist on DDM, we’ll make our inventory we have to fashion missteps to avoid speaker!
Think that the banner of pregnancy is doing on each outfit! False: the banner of pregnancy, it is nice sometimes, but not always.

Play on volumes and up and down! We don’t wear loose blouse over wide pants, we skipped the hippie long skirt worn with a t-shirt. Maximally try to balance your silhouette by mixing and of the tight (you didn’t need to be too narrow) and the wider! (more…)

Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

  1. Some T-shirts or dresses have a certain top incorporated, what is it?

These T-shirts or dresses have a breastfeeding function. Top embedded helps you to breastfeed discreetly. If you pull the shirt to the side at chest level, and raise a bit the top embedded, you release the power within to breastfeed. Noppies the bras have a handy clip that stands with one hand in order to lower the cap in order to breastfeed.


Maternity Wear for Holidays

The year-end holidays are not the easiest to live for pregnant women periods. We’re tired, we can eat (almost) anything, and especially, you have nothing to wear… Don’t worry, dear friend, same enclosure to the teeth, we found THE solution to make you beautiful and sexy for the holidays of end of the year.
The holiday for years, is not (always) the top when you’re pregnant…

Because you don’t have a right to enjoy this wonderful foie gras which you arms or beautiful oysters that make you eye. (more…)

Advice on Buying Maternity Clothes

You are pregnant for nine months, but you probably will not start wearing maternity clothes until after the first trimester. If you are like many moms, you do not see the point in buying a new maternity wardrobe that you are wearing a few times. Spend on expensive new brand maternity clothes and opt for cheaper options or used. You save money, you’ll probably need to buy baby supplies, and you’ll always look great.


Levi’s Skinny Ankle Jeans

I had already discussed some time ago of the Levi’s Curve ID, a line of custom fit jeans by using a new method of measurement based on the curves of the body rather than the conventional sizes. Well, I of these jeans I was in love: sit taller, leaner thighs and roll curse nothing on the side! Now the collection is enriched with new models for the summer .. And I can not wait to try them!