Earth Hour: Lights out Snap – and Global Light Consciousness

When on March 23 on time 20:30 world the lights go out, not about Klingons have destroyed the Earth’s energy system. Rather, millions of people on the light switch have pressed and submerged her house in darkness. Many places of interest will remain black. On Saturday Earth Houris back around the world at half nine local time. Since 2009 the WWF in the service of the planet calls for thinking about consumer behaviour – and that includes the energy consumption through lighting. Here, the motto can only mean: do not turn off but switch on lighting technologies that save energy sustainably. (more…)

Li-Fi the Future Technology in Wireless Communication

Gadget where future technology? Researchers believe the commercial horizon at 2018.

After the presentation of the 1st smart phone Lifi at CES in Las Vegas in January 2014, this technology continues to develop. Some experts and industrialists announced 14 LED LIFI billion by 2020 (see article of December 2015 echoes). The potential revenue of the Li – Fi is estimated at 6 billion dollars U.S. research Markets and Markets in 2018 (firm). (more…)

Westwing Guide to Bamboo Lamp

Bamboo is a versatile, beautiful material that encompasses many qualities, with the main strength being its environmental renewal and resilience. So when we talk about bamboo furniture and accessories, such as the bamboo lamp, for example, we are talking about a beautiful, sturdy accessory capable of demonstrating all its ecological concern with decoration, a very important aspect that dictates current trends. (more…)

Westwing Guide Toblue Table Lamp

To decorate the house, nothing is more cozy than investing in a beautiful indirect light. They are perfect for creating a light, welcoming and receptive atmosphere for your family and for welcoming friends. If you have doubts when buying your lamp, bet on different types of lampshade. You will find shapes, materials and even different colors. To cope with a quiet environment, the blue lamp is the right choice. (more…)

Westwing Guide Toromantic Lighting

The romantic style of decoration, which emphasizes floral prints, delicate tones and inspirations in nature, has given rise to several furniture and decorative elements that complement a delicate environment and also embellish more modern spaces, contemporary and even retro. The romantic light fixture, which can be either a ceiling or a table top, adds a little more space to your room, and is perfect for an intimate touch to a date, a dinner for two or special moments between friends. (more…)

Tinkering With LED Light: 3 Summer Decorating For Balcony & Garden

Whether to grilling, celebrate or relax-there is scarcely anything more beautiful to end cozy on the terrace as a summer day. As long as the atmosphere is true. And how to make better a cosy atmosphere, with a few stylish lighting elements. Here, we show you three simple ideas, which you have implemented in no time and for that, you need little more than what exists in the budget anyway. (more…)

How to Choose LED Headlights

How to choose the most appropriate LED flashlight or headlamp? Just know what you need a flashlight. Manufacturers are trying their customers come up to meet and adapt models to targeted audiences. You can therefore choose modern lamps, but also, for example. Headlamps for children in the shape of different animals or characters from fairy tales.

LED lamps by type of use

  • for everyday use
  • cyclists
  • for hunters and hunters
  • for security forces
  • paintball, airsoft
  • into the field for tramping and outdoor
  • Into car
  • search lamps
  • miniature flashlight in his pocket for keys
  • powerful LED headlamps