Look of Carnival with Lingerie: Yes You Can

The Carnival is coming, with promise of revelry, fun and lots of samba in the foot. The relaxation of the time allows you to dare in the visual. It is worth passing glitter on the face, show the skin, put on a costume and even wear lingerie on display in broad daylight. Doubt? So check out these inspirations that will convince you that a carnival look with lingerie is cool! (more…)

Black, Short and Fairly – My Elected

I’m not a fan of trousers, even more of the skinnytype. Always give preference to the skirts, dresses and jumpsuits free. When I was a kid, had trauma of my skinny legs and teens here, caught the wave of boyfriends and flare, but always ran away from drained. Of both admire the looks always chics of the fashion editor of Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle Alt, and some other productions of street style, I decided to test. (more…)

Jenner Jeans Guide: How To Wear Shorts and Other Parts

CH helps you discover the secrets of the sisters to assemble perfect looks with jeans!

When we think of street style seal looks, two names come straight to the head: Kendall and Kylie Jenner! For fashionistas and trendy inspirations, bet on Kendall. Already for a visu street Megadescolado and sexy, go from Kylie! And what do they have in common? They can both wear jeans in incredible ways! To help you unravel the style secrets of the sisters, we set up a Jenners Jeans guide with various models and parts in the tissue: (more…)

Riding a Look with Letterman’s Jacket

If there’s one thing I love to do, is get ready to go to an event feeling gorgeous and full of self-esteem. And when I was invited to a parade of Track & Field last week, I was super excited to do just that, since it’s been ages since I attended one of these! I spent a couple of days thinking about how I could get dressed for a parade of a sports brand, being stripped but keeping the look really nice and tidy. (more…)

De X Dagallo-on the Way to Your Own Jacket

In today’s article, I would like to introduce you to a very special project, which is currently running behind the scenes at Maenner-Style.de. This is something quite new, not only for me but also for the company DaGallo, which has addressed me. In the following, you will find the short version of the project, before you get more information about the company, the current status of the project and the possibility to get involved with your own. (more…)

How to Style a White T Shirt

An important event, a special evening, a sudden invitation and here l ‘ anxiety outfits axle forcing us to experience everything we have in the closet with all the possible combinations.

The classic scene sees us busy for hours in front of the wardrobe select all the matches, then testing the mirror with a lot of show for advice (which is regularly ignored) to parents and boyfriends, in extreme cases even you have time to make a run downtown to buy that dress that would be seen in the window just perfect for the occasion.


How to Dress in The Rain

Now that the rain has arrived, we are facing a new dress dilemma that wear with this weather? The editorial ‘meets you with some simple tips.

Now that we have finally turned the page of time “how I dress when it’s 5 ° C in the morning and 20 ° C in the afternoon?”Finish hair uprooting the morning before our dressing room. Finally … Temperatures well have finished playing yoyo, we are now stuck with miserable 10 degrees H24 and rain over, which may not arrange our case. If the weather continues to make you go crazy and you give up facing your wardrobe, the editorial ‘you give her some tips for choosing the right outfit when rain is output.


How to Wear Long Coats

Each and every boutique brand low cost I will propose: the long coat to the ankle, directly from the years 80 and 90. We loved it and maybe we have also bought… but we know how to wear it? Here are some tips and 4 outfits proposals.

First keep in mind that the long coat, took well, it is not good at all. This does not mean we have to give it up, but only that we have to study the look with which to carry it in the most suitable way for our physical and our usual style.


Fashion Plus Size Work: Tips, Trend

Has been effective investment in the creation of new and modern options for fashion for chubby women. OK changed that notion that people who are overweight should wear clothes that hide your measurements. Special brands emerged, betting your production in this audience. Several plus size fashion shows are held, each season, showing that the fashion world trends can be employed in oversize clothes. There are countless gorgeous models and super modern, intended for all kinds of occasions. We show here a few plus size trends for work.


I want to Start Pedaling: Where do I Start?

I want to start pedaling. Where do I start? From the beginning of course. But what is the first step. The first step is the basis of everything.

Imagine the following situation: you go out to buy a shoe. When asking the seller to show you a particular make or model. What is the first question she asks you? That’s right: What number do you wear? The same thing happens when we buy clothes. A size 42 Jeans can show differences in leg length or waist width when we vary the model or brand.


Pit Bull Jeans: Pants Women Models

Relatively new brand on the market, the Pit Bull jeans doing very successfully, between women and men.Their models are modern and feminine, very sexy, valuing the woman’s body. The Pit Bull has been around for 15 years and was born into a multi-brand type store, in 1998, on Petrolina (PE). Its owners-the brothers Marcello and Márcio Torquato–had the dream of creating your own brand and performed, choosing the city of Goiânia.