Marsala – Trend Color

Have you heard? The new year is full of energy, because an earthy Burgundy called Marsala is the trend colour by 2015. Now, to the color of the year, she was named by PANTONE color specialist. The company based in the United States develops color systems, is working with those in the graphics and printing and providing that for example, distinctive corporate colors always look the same, no matter on which paper or surface. Since PANTONE colors are always reproducible by a unique code. Trend forecast and analysis of the color market a luminary PANTONE is not only in the field of printing, also in the area of furnishings and fashion is based on the color specialists. (more…)

Legaspi Summer

High Summer Collection 2011 Legaspi

The Legaspi, women’s handbags and footwear brand, launches your collection to the high summer 2011 in style, complementing with new products the successful summer collection, which is already in stores. Are new models of handbags and shoes with the innovative design that always offers its consumers. (more…)

Handbags Already

As of today, you will realize that male purse, besides being very elegant, can greatly enhance your appearance. Many of the best brands of male clothing have introduced this accessory to compose their collections and so a lot of options and models of male handbags are available to complete their style. Even so, the biggest difficulties for the current man to use men’s handbags are:


Where to Buy Handbags

Saturday those, left there the Sexton with my hair looking out from the beach (work of beautiful redhead Beatrice) and I was walking by the Padre Chagas waiting for Chico and Benedict pass by car to pick me up. I could not resist and walked in the gallery where the background, there is the wonderful world of Fatima Mello.

The wonderful world of Fatima Mello is a doom. I never get out of there empty-handed. What I find curious is that, every time I comment on the wonderful world of Fatima Mello with someone (and that someone was


Leather Handbag and Charles Charlus

Charles and Charlus, leather handbag made in France, timeless elegance.

The French leather goods brand Charles and Charlus offers last forty years of leather handbags high quality, manufactured in their Tarn workshop by skilled craftsmen. Theseoriginal creations or classic or trendy, but whose inspiration is nourished together the best models of great creators and original lines imagined by designer Jean-Loup house Chartier, occupy a special place in the leather goods present, deliberately evading codes seasonal patterns imposed by the major players of the fashion market.


Jimmy Choo Handbags Review

The new Jimmy Choo designer handbags for fall winter 2016 2017: the undisputed king of the craft shoes high fashion presents its collection of bags for next season, and fashionistas are already with your mouth!

The fashion house became famous in the late ’80s and early’ 90s to the appreciation of the icon style of those years, Lady Diana Spencer, has never ceased to reap success. Party by hand-sewn shoes, Jimmy Choo has since also interested in accessories, including bags.

The collection for next winter the Malaysian designer handbags which provides the animal print dominates, but there are hints romantic, with floral prints. The handbag alternate with straps and evening clutches, and metallic details (from the handles to the shoulder straps) are shown, recovering the taste glam rock that in 2017 will trend.